Verbs that start with E in English

Verbs that start with the letter “E” in English can be difficult to remember, but they are essential components of our language. Knowing these verbs will help you make your writing more precise and precise communication is a hallmark of successful communication. Here are some common verbs that start with the letter “E” in English:

Verbs That Start With E

Elegize Evanesce
Equivalent Employ
Enrapture Emaciate
Excuse Elevate
Excipient Embezzle
Excise Embale
Estate Emphasize
Expand Effront
Efflower Element
Espouse Eructate
Etymologize Exchange
Erode Eternify
Exist Embed
Excitate Estimated
Equalize Elapse
Embarrass Encoach
Eccoriate Excerpt
Engross Effray
Efflate Emblem
Endured Etch
Express Empty
Enavigate Enamor
Escot Enclitical
Evince Engineered
Embattail Electrotype
Episcopate Empower
Efface Epistolize
Excecate Epitomize
Ern Ensured
Elinguate Elaqueate
Elucidate Enact
Enchair Emblanch
Exert Exagitate
Evanish Exported
Eloign Established
Enamel Exalt
Escape Estreat
Evulgate Educated
Epidermis Embasement
Ecstasy Evite
Eluctate Encolden
Enbroude Enrage
Enabled Effulge
Exaggerate Eclipse
Embillow Evolve
Epigrammatize Evade
Estrangle Evidence
Enbibe Erase
Essentiate Embitter
Evacuate Enclothe
Example Exhibit
Effect Encouraged
Enclasp Exercise
Exarate Exacerbate
Etiolate Edited
Enlighten Evoke
Elicit Effranchise
Electrocute Emblaze
Explored Enclitic
Ermine East
Epicurize Eat into
Escalade Encoffin
Eavesdrop Enchasten
Effigiate Elope
Earnest Encloister
Effloresce Elect
Expect Encourage
Economize Edify
Expanded Exacinate
Embathe Enliven
Elance Engaged in
Exhibited Exact
Encalendar End
Enforced Entreat
Evibrate Eradiate
Ecchymose Engird
Elude Enthral
Esloin Excite
Electioneer Eventilate
Exasperate Encage
Excalceate Enchant
Embay Equibalance
Evict Emblematize
Escheat Encapsulate
Etching Entertain
Engage Efflux
Erect Effeminize
Excave Effort
Eschew Explode
Embetter Electrotonize
Embace Encase
Ear Echo
Enhance Effluviate
Encamp Elicitate
Effeminate Enchain
Eventuate Elbow
Eloin Eloinate
Embark Electroplate
Enchafe Eclaircissement
Eat out Encarnalize
Excambie Evestigate
Exantlate Evomit
Exchequer Elide
Excide Evaporate
Evirate Epitaph
Embalm Electrify
Emancipate Equip
Embase Eloignate
Evocate Encircle
Excel Exceeded
Executed Eternize
Essay Efform
Elongate Efflagitate
Entice Etherize
Except Effectuate
Event Experimented
Encanker Encharge
Estop Erupt
Exanimate Enacted
Eliminated Evacate
Ere Efforce
Exclaim Elimate
Effervesce Exauthorize
Excern Enjoy
Embarge Embastardize
Educate Enclose
Electrolyze Excedent
Elate Easy
Encloud Endow
Exaugurate Emanate
Enchannel Exauthorate
Efflorescent Equivocate
Enambush Enchase
Eld Endorse
Ergat Erudiate
Exacuate Erogate
Evangelize Evitate
Engrave Equivalence
Entrust Equipensate
Effierce Earned
Evaluate Elixate
Elaborate Episcopize
Effascinate Enchisel
Excavate Elf
Epistle Emblemize
Electrize Eviscerate
Emacerate Embank
Echelon Embattle
Enlisted Examined
Erme Epithet
Encave Enhanced
Expedited Earn
Enarch Equate
Equal Explain
Estimate Energized
Elix Evaluated
Effund Evene
Excelsior Exauctorate
Embargo Espy
Everse Epilogize
Ensure Ecclesiastic
Embeam Excarnificate
Estray Equiparate
Emigrate Eclaircise
Equivalue Eat away
Enlist Endear
Epiloguize Eradicate
Enable Evert
Emphasized Eliminate
Earth Equiponderate
Emaculate Elucubrate
Eat up Easter
Emball Engineer
Effected Elenchize
Eternalize Excamb
Emblossom Embar
Espalier Eat
Encash Evesdrop
Effuse Estuate
Eruct Esquire
Elected Elong
Emarginate Enclave
Equilibrate Eventerate
Emblazon Ease
Elaborated End in
Exceed Ean
Estrepe Embloom
Effume Establish
Etherealize Examine
Ettle Err
Essence Embellish
Earwig Earmark
Enchest Enter
Enrich End up

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Verbs Starting With E

  1. Earn
  • Meaning: Receive money in return for work.
  • Example: She earns a good salary.
  1. Eat
  • Meaning: Take food into the body.
  • Example: He eats breakfast at 7 AM.
  1. Echo
  • Meaning: Repeat or reverberate sound.
  • Example: Their voices echoed in the hall.
  1. Edit
  • Meaning: Prepare written material for publication.
  • Example: She edits the magazine.
  1. Educate
  • Meaning: Provide schooling or instruction.
  • Example: They educate students at the school.
  1. Eject
  • Meaning: Throw out or expel.
  • Example: The machine ejected the disk.
  1. Elaborate
  • Meaning: Develop in detail.
  • Example: He elaborated on the topic.
  1. Elapse
  • Meaning: Pass or slip by (of time).
  • Example: Hours elapsed before help arrived.
  1. Elect
  • Meaning: Choose someone by voting.
  • Example: They elected a new president.
  1. Elevate
  • Meaning: Raise to a higher position.
  • Example: The platform was elevated.
  1. Eliminate
  • Meaning: Completely remove or get rid of.
  • Example: They eliminated errors from the report.
  1. Embark
  • Meaning: Begin a course of action.
  • Example: They embarked on a new project.
  1. Embrace
  • Meaning: Hold closely in one’s arms.
  • Example: She embraced her friend.
  1. Emerge
  • Meaning: Become apparent or prominent.
  • Example: The sun emerged from behind the clouds.
  1. Emphasize
  • Meaning: Give special importance to.
  • Example: He emphasized the key points.
  1. Employ
  • Meaning: Give work to someone.
  • Example: The company employs 300 people.
  1. Empower
  • Meaning: Give authority or power to.
  • Example: The law empowers the police to arrest.
  1. Empty
  • Meaning: Remove all contents.
  • Example: He emptied the trash can.
  1. Enact
  • Meaning: Make into law.
  • Example: Congress enacted the bill.
  1. Enclose
  • Meaning: Surround or close off.
  • Example: The letter was enclosed in an envelope.
  1. Encounter
  • Meaning: Unexpectedly experience or face.
  • Example: She encountered an old friend.
  1. Encourage
  • Meaning: Give support or hope.
  • Example: He encouraged her during her exams.
  1. End
  • Meaning: Bring to a conclusion.
  • Example: The movie ended suddenly.
  1. Endanger
  • Meaning: Put someone or something at risk.
  • Example: Smoking endangers health.
  1. Endorse
  • Meaning: Declare one’s public approval.
  • Example: She endorsed the new product.
  1. Endure
  • Meaning: Suffer patiently.
  • Example: He endured the pain.
  1. Enforce
  • Meaning: Compel observance of a law.
  • Example: The police enforce traffic rules.
  1. Engage
  • Meaning: Occupy or attract someone’s interest.
  • Example: The game engaged the children.
  1. Enhance
  • Meaning: Intensify or improve.
  • Example: Lighting enhanced the room’s beauty.
  1. Enjoy
  • Meaning: Take pleasure in.
  • Example: She enjoys playing piano.
  1. Enlarge
  • Meaning: Make bigger.
  • Example: He enlarged the photograph.
  1. Enlighten
  • Meaning: Give greater knowledge or understanding.
  • Example: The book enlightened me about history.
  1. Enlist
  • Meaning: Enroll or sign up.
  • Example: He enlisted in the army.
  1. Enrich
  • Meaning: Improve or enhance the quality.
  • Example: The experience enriched her life.
  1. Enroll
  • Meaning: Register or enter.
  • Example: She enrolled in college.
  1. Ensure
  • Meaning: Make certain.
  • Example: Ensure all doors are locked.
  1. Entail
  • Meaning: Involve as a necessary part.
  • Example: The job entails a lot of travel.
  1. Enter
  • Meaning: Come or go into.
  • Example: He entered the room.
  1. Entertain
  • Meaning: Provide amusement.
  • Example: The clown entertained the kids.
  1. Enthrall
  • Meaning: Capture the fascinated attention.
  • Example: The story enthralled the audience.
  1. Enthusiastic
  • Meaning: Show intense and eager enjoyment.
  • Example: She’s enthusiastic about art.
  1. Enumerate
  • Meaning: Mention one by one.
  • Example: He enumerated the reasons.
  1. Envelop
  • Meaning: Wrap up or cover.
  • Example: Fog enveloped the city.
  1. Envision
  • Meaning: Imagine as a future possibility.
  • Example: She envisioned a bright future.
  1. Erase
  • Meaning: Remove or delete.
  • Example: He erased the error.
  1. Erect
  • Meaning: Construct or build.
  • Example: They erected a new building.
  1. Escape
  • Meaning: Break free from confinement.
  • Example: The prisoner escaped.
  1. Escort
  • Meaning: Accompany or protect.
  • Example: He escorted her to her car.
  1. Establish
  • Meaning: Set up on a firm basis.
  • Example: The company was established in 1980.
  1. Estimate
  • Meaning: Roughly calculate or judge.
  • Example: He estimated the cost of repair.

Action Verbs Starting With E

  1. Earn – Gain
  2. Eat – Consume
  3. Echo – Reverberate
  4. Edit – Revise
  5. Educate – Instruct
  6. Eject – Expel
  7. Elaborate – Expand
  8. Elapse – Pass
  9. Elect – Choose
  10. Elevate – Lift
  11. Eliminate – Remove
  12. Embark – Begin
  13. Embrace – Hug
  14. Emerge – Appear
  15. Emphasize – Stress
  16. Employ – Hire
  17. Empower – Authorize
  18. Empty – Clear
  19. Enact – Legislate
  20. Enclose – Surround
  21. Encounter – Meet
  22. Encourage – Motivate
  23. End – Conclude
  24. Endanger – Risk
  25. Endorse – Support
  26. Endure – Persist
  27. Enforce – Implement
  28. Engage – Participate
  29. Enhance – Improve
  30. Enjoy – Relish
  31. Enlarge – Expand
  32. Enlighten – Inform
  33. Enlist – Join
  34. Enrich – Enhance
  35. Enroll – Register
  36. Ensure – Guarantee
  37. Entail – Require
  38. Enter – Access
  39. Entertain – Amuse
  40. Enthrall – Captivate
  41. Enthusiastic – Excite
  42. Enumerate – List
  43. Envelop – Cover
  44. Envision – Foresee
  45. Erase – Remove
  46. Erect – Build
  47. Escape – Flee
  48. Escort – Guide
  49. Establish – Found
  50. Estimate – Appraise

Positive Verbs That Start With E

  1. Energize – Infuse with vitality.
  2. Enlighten – Impart knowledge or insight.
  3. Encourage – Foster confidence or support.
  4. Enjoy – Take pleasure in experiences.
  5. Embrace – Accept or welcome with enthusiasm.
  6. Elevate – Lift to a higher moral, intellectual, or emotional level.
  7. Enrich – Enhance the quality or value of.
  8. Empower – Give someone the means or confidence to do something.
  9. Enthuse – Cause to feel enthusiasm.
  10. Endorse – Publicly support or recommend.
  11. Engage – Involve someone deeply in an activity.
  12. Enchant – Fill with delight or wonder.
  13. Enliven – Make something more entertaining or exciting.
  14. Elevate – Raise to a more important or impressive level.
  15. Emanate – Exhibit or emit a quality or emotion.
  16. Embellish – Make more attractive with decorative details.
  17. Empathize – Understand and share the feelings of another.
  18. Entertain – Provide enjoyment.
  19. Evolve – Develop gradually to a better, more complex state.
  20. Exalt – Hold in very high regard.
  21. Excel – Be exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity.
  22. Exhilarate – Make feel very happy, animated, or elated.
  23. Expand – Increase in size, number, or importance.
  24. Expedite – Speed up the progress of.
  25. Experiment – Try out new ideas or methods.
  26. Envision – Imagine a possible or desirable future event.
  27. Enhance – Intensify, increase, or improve the quality of something.
  28. Ease – Make something less severe or serious.
  29. Enamor – Be filled with love for.
  30. Enunciate – Say or pronounce clearly.
  31. Emanate – Issue or spread out from a source.
  32. Educate – Give intellectual, moral, and social instruction.
  33. Elicit – Evoke or draw out.
  34. Echo – Resound with or reflect shared feelings, thoughts, or sentiments.
  35. Earnest – Show sincere and intense conviction.
  36. Enthrall – Capture the fascinated attention of.
  37. Energize – Give vitality and enthusiasm to.
  38. Eulogize – Praise highly in speech or writing.
  39. Elucidate – Make something clear; explain.
  40. Evince – Reveal the presence of a quality or feeling.
  41. Emulate – Match or surpass by imitation.
  42. Engross – Absorb all the attention or interest.
  43. Enkindle – Inspire or arouse feelings.
  44. Emanate – Originate from; be produced by.
  45. Enthrone – Place on a pedestal or in a position of high status.
  46. Enwrap – Envelop in something that conceals or protects.
  47. Embolden – Give the courage or confidence to do something.
  48. Enamor – Fill with love and admiration.
  49. Entwine – Wind or twist together.
  50. Eulogize – Praise enthusiastically and publicly.

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Verbs that begin with E

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