Verbs that start with P in English

Verbs that start with the letter P in English offer some interesting and often useful expressions. From watching paint dry to packing a suitcase, having knowledge of these words can help you communicate better in everyday life. Here are some common verbs that begin with the letter P that one might find in a conversation or on the written page.

Verbs That Start With P

Poop Palliate
Pend Palter
Predict Proposed
Preachify Pen
Phial Plein
Punt Plash
Pale Protect
Plan On Pledge
Polygamize Pugger
Prick Picture
Pick Pageant
Polymerize Phosphorize
Project Managed Preconceive
Pamperize Palaver
Perturb Peenge
Put Through Phrase
Prejudice Pleasure
Pectize Permit
Pioneered Performed
Plausibleize Pliable
Positioned Put To
Pignerate Planish
Pacify Pedagogue
Pack Away Plane
Pleach Pact
Police Pod
Pep Preadmonish
Poniard Pudder
Prance Predicted
Prey Promoted
Plaud Put Back
Proved Put Over
Pearl Poach
Participated Physic
Penance Pair
Pass Out Puncture
Projected Published
Phase Penalize
Prime Play Down
Policy Pass Away
Plenish Peck
Pipeclay Phosphoresce
Preact Pollinate
Pick Apart Plebeianize
Preadvertise Plat
Pull On Pack
Presented Post
Phase In Pike
Preamble Pace
Prattle Pass
Peep Pulp
Purchase Palatize
Patched Peddle
Pup Placate
Photograph Pull Apart
Placard Pertain
Pulse Pull Away
Pebble Palm
Pule Pull In
Piloted Plunder
Pie Pillow
Peel Plagiary
Pucker Plagiarize
Page Pumicate
Prayer Pick On
Precipitate Pee
Planch Pass Through
Physiologize Peculiarize
Pleat Peal
Pendulate Paganize
Plead Pass Over
Publish Plant
Pick Through Pull Off
Peer Peg
Put Picket
Paddle Purpose
Palpitate Play Along
Precept Palisade
Pigeonhole Pig
Phase Out Preach
Ponderate Pass By
Possess Pay Off
Partnered Pump
Put Asunder Plete
Produce Pilot
Prepared Preclude
Pamphleteer Play Out
Pill Pley
Preconcert Philologize
Pinnacle Pimp
Prank Pall
Pilgrimize Peace
Padlock Purify
Poll Publicized
Pue Pilgrim
Pigeon Put Off
Pliant Poison
Peach Poise
Pupate Prepare
Pronounce Push
Pooh Pretty
Pairing Prearrange
Present Plank
Pelt Peek
Pretend Plague
Punice Put Together
Prescribe Pinch
Prioritized Phlogisticate
Perfected Peise
Preacquaint Philter
Plan Pulvil
Propose Punch
Pulverate Pillorize
Poetize Peculate
Postpone Prate
Politize Puree
Point Out Print
Politure Platform
Palatinate Pick Up
Pass To Pop
Paladiumize Picturize
Pell Pioneer
Pip Plug
Pickle Precompose
Prize Partner
Pollute Plancher
Precaution Plateau
Pull Over Prefer
Plait Pocket
Plough Through Preappoint
Provide Pencil
Peninsulate Pierce
Profane Progressed
Play At Pardon
Pension Pivot
Pull Pet
Puppy Philosophize
Put Up Pass Up
Prove Persevere
Phosphorate Proctor
People Play Up
Publicize Pull Out
Preambulate Perform
Pine Promote
Plate Pass Round
Plough Back Platitudinize
Parent Pick At
Pose Put By
Procured Plunge
Pur Pray
Pass Down Plaster
Pedestrianize Pal
Precognosce Pulley
Preset Pummel
Puddle Punctuate
Practice Persist
Preserve Penetrate
Pay Back Paragon
Pass On Pickeer
Pack Up Peece
Platinize Photolithograph
Pun Put Past
Palsy Pink
Pick Out Persuade
Practicalize Pain
Pepper Pontificate
Perceived Probed
Pullulate Pull Up
Polytheize Purchased
Philosophate Prebendate
Put Towards Pony
Pillory Pursued
Pass Off Profit By
Piece Punish
Polarize Progress
Pragmatize Pinion
Palisado Pay
Pole Precel
Pillage Phonetize
Perspire Place
Palatalize Press Out
Pilfer Processed
Put In Pent
Prease Polite
Philippize Prescribed
Play Off Pack Out
Palpate Plain
Pack Off Pool
Put To Use Pugging
Pin Pulsate
Prompt Presided
Palate Pungent
Pamphlet Pipe
Polytype Put Aside
Park Put Out
Pinpointed Put Across
Picnic Power
Popple Pluck
Programmed Palp
Physiognomize Precede
Point Produced
Pamper Pay For
Partake Philander
Pad Phrensy
Punter Pomatum
Pick Off Puke
Perfect Pond
Praemnire Pinch-Hit
Pollenize Prospected
Put Down Prosper
Play Pile
Peptonize Poind
Please Puff
Peract Platonize
Provided Palmer
Pheese Pull Ahead
Pulverize Peak
Packet Pour Out
Praetermit Peen
Play Around Put Away
Pomp Precalculate
Planned Pedantize
Pommel Pug
Page-Jack Phlebotomize
Piddle Persuaded
Paint Preace
Put On Prearm
Promulgate Pi
Phone Precogitate
Practise Pollard
Paralyze Perfume
Ponder Ping
Preannounce Put Forward
Poke Praise
Polish Painture

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Verbs Starting With P

1. Paint

  • Meaning: Apply color.
  • Example: She paints portraits.

2. Pardon

  • Meaning:
  • Example: He pardoned their mistakes.

3. Participate

  • Meaning: Take part.
  • Example: They participate in sports.

4. Pass

  • Meaning: Move by.
  • Example: Time passes quickly.

5. Pat

  • Meaning: Tap gently.
  • Example: She patted the dog.

6. Pause

  • Meaning: Stop briefly.
  • Example: He paused thoughtfully.

7. Pay

  • Meaning: Give money.
  • Example: They pay bills monthly.

8. Peel

  • Meaning: Remove skin.
  • Example: She peels apples.

9. Perform

  • Meaning: Execute task.
  • Example: He performs on stage.

10. Permit

  • Meaning:
  • Example: Laws permit it.

11. Persuade

  • Meaning:
  • Example: She persuaded her friend.

12. Photograph

  • Meaning: Take pictures.
  • Example: He photographs landscapes.

13. Pick

  • Meaning:
  • Example: She picked flowers.

14. Pierce

  • Meaning:
  • Example: The needle pierces fabric.

15. Pile

  • Meaning: Stack up.
  • Example: Leaves piled high.

16. Pinch

  • Meaning: Squeeze tightly.
  • Example: He pinched her cheek.

17. Plan

  • Meaning: Design strategy.
  • Example: They plan vacations.

18. Plant

  • Meaning: Put in soil.
  • Example: She plants trees.

19. Play

  • Meaning: Engage in activity.
  • Example: Children play games.

20. Plead

  • Meaning:
  • Example: He pleaded for mercy.

21. Plow

  • Meaning: Turn soil.
  • Example: Farmers plow fields.

22. Pluck

  • Meaning: Pull off.
  • Example: She plucks eyebrows.

23. Point

  • Meaning: Indicate direction.
  • Example: He pointed east.

24. Polish

  • Meaning: Make shiny.
  • Example: She polishes silver.

25. Ponder

  • Meaning: Think deeply.
  • Example: He ponders mysteries.

26. Pour

  • Meaning: Flow out.
  • Example: Rain pours down.

27. Praise

  • Meaning: Express approval.
  • Example: They praise achievements.

28. Pray

  • Meaning: Seek divine help.
  • Example: She prays daily.

29. Predict

  • Meaning:
  • Example: He predicts weather.

30. Prefer

  • Meaning:
  • Example: She prefers tea.

31. Prepare

  • Meaning: Make ready.
  • Example: They prepare meals.

32. Prescribe

  • Meaning: Advise treatment.
  • Example: Doctors prescribe medicine.

33. Present

  • Meaning: Give formally.
  • Example: He presents awards.

34. Preserve

  • Meaning:
  • Example: Museums preserve artifacts.

35. Press

  • Meaning: Apply pressure.
  • Example: She presses clothes.

36. Pretend

  • Meaning:
  • Example: Children often pretend.

37. Prevent

  • Meaning: Stop occurring.
  • Example: Vaccines prevent diseases.

38. Print

  • Meaning: Produce text.
  • Example: Printers print documents.

39. Proceed

  • Meaning:
  • Example: The event proceeds.

40. Produce

  • Meaning:
  • Example: Farms produce food.

41. Program

  • Meaning: Set instructions.
  • Example: He programs computers.

42. Project

  • Meaning: Estimate future.
  • Example: Analysts project trends.

43. Promise

  • Meaning:
  • Example: She promises faithfully.

44. Promote

  • Meaning:
  • Example: They promote employees.

45. Propose

  • Meaning:
  • Example: He proposed a plan.

46. Protect

  • Meaning:
  • Example: Laws protect citizens.

47. Protest

  • Meaning:
  • Example: People protest injustice.

48. Prove

  • Meaning: Demonstrate truth.
  • Example: Evidence proves guilt.

49. Provide

  • Meaning:
  • Example: Parents provide care.

50. Pull

  • Meaning: Draw towards.
  • Example: He pulls the rope.

Action Verbs Starting With P

  1. Paint: Colorize
  2. Pardon: Forgive
  3. Participate: Engage
  4. Pass: Transfer
  5. Pat: Tap
  6. Pause: Halt
  7. Pay: Remunerate
  8. Peel: Strip
  9. Perform: Execute
  10. Permit: Allow
  11. Persuade: Convince
  12. Photograph: Capture
  13. Pick: Select
  14. Pierce: Penetrate
  15. Pile: Stack
  16. Pinch: Squeeze
  17. Plan: Strategize
  18. Plant: Sow
  19. Play: Entertain
  20. Plead: Beg
  21. Plow: Cultivate
  22. Pluck: Extract
  23. Point: Indicate
  24. Polish: Shine
  25. Ponder: Reflect
  26. Pour: Dispense
  27. Praise: Commend
  28. Pray: Beseech
  29. Predict: Foretell
  30. Prefer: Favor
  31. Prepare: Ready
  32. Prescribe: Recommend
  33. Present: Offer
  34. Preserve: Maintain
  35. Press: Compress
  36. Pretend: Simulate
  37. Prevent: Avert
  38. Print: Reproduce
  39. Proceed: Advance
  40. Produce: Generate
  41. Program: Code
  42. Project: Forecast
  43. Promise: Vow
  44. Promote: Elevate
  45. Propose: Suggest
  46. Protect: Defend
  47. Protest: Oppose
  48. Prove: Confirm
  49. Provide: Supply
  50. Pull: Drag

Positive Verbs That Start With P

  1. Pamper: Indulge
  2. Parade: Exhibit
  3. Pardon: Excuse
  4. Participate: Join
  5. Partner: Collaborate
  6. Pass: Succeed
  7. Pat: Caress
  8. Pave: Prepare
  9. Peek: Glance
  10. Perceive: Recognize
  11. Perfect: Refine
  12. Perk: Energize
  13. Permit: Authorize
  14. Persist: Endure
  15. Personalize: Customize
  16. Persuade: Influence
  17. Pioneer: Innovate
  18. Play: Frolic
  19. Pleasure: Delight
  20. Please: Satisfy
  21. Polish: Refurbish
  22. Praise: Applaud
  23. Pray: Implore
  24. Preach: Advocate
  25. Precipitate: Hasten
  26. Prefer: Choose
  27. Prepare: Organize
  28. Prescribe: Advise
  29. Present: Introduce
  30. Preserve: Conserve
  31. Pride: Esteem
  32. Prime: Optimize
  33. Prioritize: Rank
  34. Prize: Treasure
  35. Probe: Investigate
  36. Proceed: Progress
  37. Proclaim: Announce
  38. Procure: Acquire
  39. Prod: Motivate
  40. Produce: Create
  41. Profess: Declare
  42. Progress: Advance
  43. Project: Plan
  44. Promote: Boost
  45. Propel: Drive
  46. Propose: Recommend
  47. Prosper: Thrive
  48. Protect: Safeguard
  49. Prove: Validate
  50. Provide: Furnish

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Verbs that begin with P

Verbs that start with P in English

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