Verbs that Start With S in English

Verbs that start with S in English are incredibly diverse and provide an interesting window into the language. There are many verbs, including those that are both common and uncommon, which all use the letter “S”. Many of these verbs have multiple uses and can be used in a variety of contexts. This article will explore some of the most popular verbs beginning with “S” in English.

Verbs That Start With S

Sign Up Speed
Set Back Saith
Scandalize Squiggle
Sheading Sire
Stick Shampoo
Spend Slake
Silicify Spark
Scandal Smitt
Surveyed Settle
Schematize Speak For
Snig Scale
Slide Strain
Shut Out Stick To
Smilt Separated
Soil Succeed
Sigh Stroll
Set Aside Sadducize
Simplified Sicker
Skelly Scapement
Snow Synchronize
Speak Of Shail
Screened Strum
Spread Out Set Upon
Solicitous Solemnize
Slick Smirch
Solve Spoil
Strengthened Soliloquize
Sodden Scare
Salify Stag
Span Sabre
Surf Soothe
Small Saltant
Stage Solidified
Smittle Shoot
Snood Scream
Sit Up Settle In
Spade Star
Skew Shut Down
Slink Shaffle
Soldier Split Up
Skiff Scarp
Seise Side
Sheer Scrub
Squirm Snift
Segregate Staddle
Sail Squawk
Send Away Smooth
Sacre Skulk
Swear Speculate
Slam-Dunk Sustained
Stack Slate
Spawn Start Off
Smart Skimp
Sparble Scald
Stand Aside Sable
Spae Suggest
Shaped Sociate
Service Sign Off
Smother Salivate
Starve Snare
Swell Set Forth
Shackle Satisfied
Secrete Solfeggiare
Seize Sanction
Seat Sectionalize
Spacelate Seemly
Strive Smalt
Speak Stage-Manage
Signpost Silken
Slave Salue
Smartle See Out
Surpassed Simple
Squiny Sting
Stand By Shank
Seam Squeal
Stand Back String
Saw Sort Out
Stabilitate Snigger
Set Off Scantling
Smutch Slang
Stand Out Shop
Spall Smear
Spill Sally
Set-Up Start Up
See Through Send Down
Spit Soap
Set On Skive
Slacken Skip Out
Shut Up Searcloth
Scamble Send
Sneer Shut In
Sing Along Stanch
Secured Saffron
Studied Spear
Shed Squat
Scab Sit Out
Snot Schedule
Skilder Smash
Supervised Slattern
Substitute Spell Out
Slack Sharp
Siccate Solemnizate
Squelch Spatiate
Seal Sneck
Scavenge Stagger
Skelter Scold
Sparkle Shine
Serve Squab
Shape Stamp
Spring Shanghai
Send Off Shoe
Share Sley
Stare Stablish
Scarify Siderealize
Splash Spread
Smoothen Staple
See Sign Out
Shit Smight
Spot Solved
Scabble Saltate
Stall-Feed Sklere
See In Sparse
Solidate Shamble
Stain Sliddery
Surprise Scarlet
Silage Savor
Slit Sadden
Snip Spearheaded
Squawl Sump Up
Swirl Sacramentize
Skate Seed
Solute Stake
Snuggle Spin
Skepticize Saccharify
Spare Sale
Stand Off Sling
Streamlined Sit Through
Stabilize Staller
Sweep Slidderly
Sing Stick Up
Salaam Sledge
Step Snew
Snast See To
Smoke Out Sniggger
Squander Scarf Down
Squirrel Shiver
Step Back Spell
Scaffold Skink
Sned Salite
Sidle Summarized
Slam Snarl
Second-Guess Sacrate
Seethe Soberize
Skelder Say
Sag Sod
Stab Smatter
Slap Somber
Snape Skill
Smite Saved
Slow Show Off
Snatch Skedaddle
Seclude Skid
Specified Spasm
Slaughter Stable
State Shark
Square See Into
Seche Skim
Selected Sob
Sober Stop
Spice Slumber
Skittish Skinch
Safeguard Smicker
Smouch Spaniel
Stink Slent
Smoke Sell Out
Stang Stale
Size Squabash
Shout Saber
Snook Spat
Spar Squabble
Sombre Spruce
Sneeze Sile
Snore Speech
Salary Sleek
Solace Set Goals
Secret Smolder
Step Up Staff
Shanty Split
Specificate Squall
Smooch Standardize
Snet Slash
Sight-Read Soak
Space Sham
Sleet Second
Shear Sig
Stick At Shadow
Spancel Skipper
Snort Solstice
Smug Squash
Squeak Sear
Soder Scathe
Snake Skewer
Scalp Sole
Shaft Sedate
Starboard Skringe
Spatter Sell
Smore Sheathe
Smut Sign
Slapdash Skeletonize
Shuffle Squirt
Searched Simmer
Scath Scavenger
Solarize Stand Up
Structured Set About
Shave Shag
Shack Stick Down
Snicker Sheal
Scrutinized Skreen
Sniff Section
Speck Secern
Swim Sink
Speer Sectarianize
Sleep In Specialize In
Sacrament Scapple
Sponsor Study
Sheaf Sleep On
Stampede Sigger
Showcased Sicken
Snite Scabbard
Sink In Skirt
Slat Scarf
Sharpen Served
Seel Smack
Parboil Stay In
Shatter Skirmish
Smoor Spirit
Sock Smock
Sight Sickly
Slee Socialize
Strike Savvy
Support Startle
Supplied Sew
Sparge Settle For
Skittles Shelter
Stick Around Squib
Seek Salient
Synthesized Steal
Sle Sound Off
Smeeth Show Up
Show Stank
Scallop Sketch
Sallow Sport
Shade Up Send Back
Slew Speak To
Set Out Silence
Saint Squire
Snug Shall
Scintillate Speak Up
Slaver Signature
Settle Down Silver
Sheen Scant
Sken Solder
Sniggle Sheepbite
Silt Sit On
Shab Simper
Supervise Shake Off
Slatter Sit
Slashed Soup Up
Stark Soft-Soap
Shawl Soleship
Simulate Strew
Shagreen Sift
Stalk Scepter
Siege Sneap
Skall Stalemate
Spawl Solicit
Shade Scale Back
Seem Scheme
Supported Slide Off
Send Up Squirr
Sleid Slay
Seigniorize Squeeze
Skun Seesaw
Salute Skrike
Sad Sprout
Swing Smerk
Schismatize Spane
Slice Segment
Sleeve Sled
Skelp Steer
Show In Start
Smarten Set Down
Soften Spank
Sick Sin
Scent Secede
Snooze Stall
Sold Sell Down
Snib Skip
Skunk Sway
Settle On Sacrifice
Speak Out Smoulder
Scare Off Sack
Safe Succeeded In
Snathe Skin
Sniffle Saccharize
Ski Scan
Shake Up Search
Scern Scantle
Staminate Skit
Sejein Smudge
Specialize Salt
Snivel Systematized
Scene Squail
Seduce Sleep
Scamper Script
Set In Scape
Set Stimulated
Secularize Sit Down
Sow Signation
Stand Snag
Sneb Spoke
Stand For Silverize
Sheet Stick With
Spangle Snar
Shower With Seep
Slabber Socinianize
Smirk Sentinel
Stick Out Stagnate
Spay Sectionize
Signate Sleep With
Sleave Smile
Shale Secundate
Sit Back Soar
Squint Suggested
Stay Up Shake
Speckle Speechify
Smell Silhouette
Snaffle Standardized
Sceptre Saginate
Shrive Skrimp
Sneak Sprint
Snack Slidder
Stay On Sister
Spectate Solo
Sanctify Scholiaze
Saddle Save
Salmon Sike
Slant Smooth Down
Simplify Slow Down
Start Afresh Sain
Scatter Sibilate
Succeeded Sweat
Stride Starch
Shrink Signal
Snap Scar
Stress Sense
Sojourn Stammer
Shut Select
Shallow Set Up
Season Slag
Sophisticate Smelt
Smuggle Sheave
Satisfy Solidify
Specify Shame
Saltire Speed Up
Shop Around Sol-Fa
Secure Slander
Solecize Sculp

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Verbs Starting With S

1. Savor

  • Meaning: Enjoy with appreciation
  • Example: She savored her morning coffee.

2. Sprint

  • Meaning: Run at full speed over a short distance
  • Example: He sprinted to the finish line.

3. Scrutinize

  • Meaning: Examine closely
  • Example: Investigators scrutinized the evidence.

4. Sustain

  • Meaning: Maintain at a certain level
  • Example: She sustained her effort throughout the project.

5. Soothe

  • Meaning: Gently calm
  • Example: The music soothed the baby.

6. Simmer

  • Meaning: Cook gently
  • Example: Let the sauce simmer on low heat.

7. Serenade

  • Meaning: Sing to romantically
  • Example: He serenaded her under her window.

8. Speculate

  • Meaning: Form a theory
  • Example: Economists speculated about the market trends.

9. Swerve

  • Meaning: Suddenly change direction
  • Example: The car swerved to avoid the dog.

10. Satirize

  • Meaning: Mock humorously
  • Example: The play satirizes societal norms.

11. Succumb

  • Meaning: Yield to a superior force
  • Example: He succumbed to his injuries.

12. Symbolize

  • Meaning: Represent something else
  • Example: The dove symbolizes peace.

13. Synthesize

  • Meaning: Combine into a coherent whole
  • Example: The report synthesized various data sources.

14. Synchronize

  • Meaning: Cause to occur at the same time
  • Example: Synchronize your watches.

15. Squander

  • Meaning: Waste in a reckless manner
  • Example: He squandered his inheritance.

16. Surmise

  • Meaning: Suppose something is true
  • Example: She surmised that he was late.

17. Substantiate

  • Meaning: Provide evidence for
  • Example: The claim was difficult to substantiate.

18. Surpass

  • Meaning: Exceed
  • Example: Her performance surpassed all expectations.

19. Scaffold

  • Meaning: Support with a temporary structure
  • Example: Workers scaffolded the building.

20. Scold

  • Meaning: Rebuke angrily
  • Example: The teacher scolded the student for cheating.

21. Smolder

  • Meaning: Burn slowly without flame
  • Example: Embers smoldered in the fireplace.

22. Seclude

  • Meaning: Keep away from others
  • Example: He secluded himself in his study.

23. Stipulate

  • Meaning: Demand as part of an agreement
  • Example: The contract stipulates a deadline.

24. Submerge

  • Meaning: Go below the surface of water
  • Example: The submarine submerged in the ocean.

25. Solicit

  • Meaning: Ask for something
  • Example: She solicited donations for the charity.

26. Satiate

  • Meaning: Satisfy fully
  • Example: The meal satiated his hunger.

27. Segregate

  • Meaning: Set apart from others
  • Example: The facilities were segregated by gender.

28. Saturate

  • Meaning: Thoroughly soak
  • Example: The rain saturated the ground.

29. Stagnate

  • Meaning: Cease to flow or move
  • Example: The water stagnated in the pond.

30. Sterilize

  • Meaning: Make free from bacteria
  • Example: Sterilize the medical equipment.

31. Sanitize

  • Meaning: Make clean and hygienic
  • Example: Sanitize your hands regularly.

32. Stifle

  • Meaning: Suppress or restrain
  • Example: She stifled a yawn.

33. Salvage

  • Meaning: Save from loss
  • Example: They salvaged what they could from the fire.

34. Slander

  • Meaning: Make false spoken statements
  • Example: He was accused of slandering his colleague.

35. Scavenge

  • Meaning: Search for discarded items
  • Example: Animals scavenge for food.

36. Splinter

  • Meaning: Break into small pieces
  • Example: The wood splintered under pressure.

37. Swaddle

  • Meaning: Wrap tightly in cloth
  • Example: She swaddled the newborn baby.

38. Synchronize

  • Meaning: Occur at the same time
  • Example: Their movements were synchronized.

39. Siphon

  • Meaning: Draw off through a tube
  • Example: He siphoned gas from the tank.

40. Swindle

  • Meaning: Cheat someone out of money
  • Example: He was swindled out of his savings.

41. Snicker

  • Meaning: Laugh in a half-suppressed way
  • Example: They snickered at his mistake.

42. Smuggle

  • Meaning: Move goods illegally
  • Example: They smuggled diamonds across the border.

43. Saturate

  • Meaning: Soak thoroughly
  • Example: The cloth was saturated with water.

44. Sulk

  • Meaning: Be silent and bad-tempered
  • Example: He sulked after the argument.

45. Swoon

  • Meaning: Faint from extreme emotion
  • Example: She swooned at the news.

46. Swelter

  • Meaning: Be uncomfortably hot
  • Example: They sweltered in the summer heat.

47. Skirmish

  • Meaning: Short conflict
  • Example: A skirmish broke out between the groups.

48. Scrawl

  • Meaning: Write carelessly
  • Example: He scrawled his name on the paper.

49. Shiver

  • Meaning: Tremble from cold or fear
  • Example: She shivered in the cold.

50. Savor

  • Meaning: Enjoy with pleasure
  • Example: He savored the victory.

Action Verbs Starting With S

  1. Sprint – Run
  2. Solve – Resolve
  3. Sway – Influence
  4. Shine – Gleam
  5. Steer – Guide
  6. Surpass – Exceed
  7. Savor – Enjoy
  8. Scream – Yell
  9. Stretch – Extend
  10. Snuggle – Cuddle
  11. Sketch – Draw
  12. Squash – Crush
  13. Squeak – Creak
  14. Swirl – Twirl
  15. Swat – Hit
  16. Squint – Peer
  17. Sulk – Pout
  18. Swoon – Faint
  19. Snarl – Growl
  20. Scurry – Hurry
  21. Soothe – Calm
  22. Scold – Rebuke
  23. Sniff – Smell
  24. Smirk – Grin
  25. Squirm – Wiggle
  26. Sneer – Mock
  27. Sift – Filter
  28. Sizzle – Fizzle
  29. Scribble – Write
  30. Swoop – Dive
  31. Stagger – Totter
  32. Stash – Store
  33. Slither – Slide
  34. Scrawl – Scribble
  35. Squawk – Complain
  36. Sever – Cut
  37. Slink – Creep
  38. Smolder – Burn
  39. Scavenge – Search
  40. Shudder – Tremble
  41. Shuffle – Mix
  42. Sizzle – Crack
  43. Sprawl – Spread
  44. Simmer – Stew
  45. Scoff – Mock
  46. Scamper – Dash
  47. Scrape – Abrade
  48. Squint – Narrow
  49. Slink – Sneak
  50. Swoosh – Whoosh

Positive Verbs That Start With S

  1. Succeed – Triumph
  2. Smile – Grin
  3. Support – Assist
  4. Soar – Ascend
  5. Satisfy – Please
  6. Sparkle – Glitter
  7. Sympathize – Understand
  8. Simplify – Clarify
  9. Savor – Enjoy
  10. Sanctify – Bless
  11. Strengthen – Fortify
  12. Socialize – Interact
  13. Share – Divide
  14. Sponsor – Fund
  15. Synergize – Cooperate
  16. Serenade – Sing
  17. Salute – Honor
  18. Soothe – Calm
  19. Secure – Protect
  20. Stimulate – Encourage
  21. Sustain – Maintain
  22. Sweeten – Enhance
  23. Specialize – Focus
  24. Sensitize – Aware
  25. Sanction – Approve
  26. Surprise – Astonish
  27. Succeed – Win
  28. Suffice – Satisfy
  29. Simplify – Ease
  30. Sustain – Support
  31. Surmount – Overcome
  32. Safeguard – Protect
  33. Synchronize – Align
  34. Satiate – Fulfill
  35. Sensitize – Alert
  36. Smoothen – Soften
  37. Succor – Help
  38. Substantiate – Verify
  39. Satisfy – Fulfill
  40. Sparkle – Shine
  41. Soothe – Relieve
  42. Sponsor – Back
  43. Salvage – Save
  44. Sanctify – Consecrate
  45. Strengthen – Empower
  46. SmileBeam
  47. Succeed – Prosper
  48. Soothe – Comfort
  49. Simplify – Streamline
  50. Satisfy – Content

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Verbs that begin with S

Verbs that start with S in English

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