Verbs that start with H in English

Verbs that start with H in English are as varied and interesting as the language itself. There are two main types of verbs that begin with H: regular verbs, which form their past tense by adding -ed or -d, and irregular verbs, which form their past tense in a variety of ways. While many of these words may be unfamiliar to you, they can all be used to enhance your English skills. Here is a list of some common and interesting verbs that start with H in English:

Verbs That Start With H

Horseshoe Hassle
Heft Huddle
Hold over Hang out
Hotfoot Hypertrophy
Hamstring Host
Hound Holystone
Halter Hex
Hark Handwrite
Hanker Hash
Hyphenate Hydrolyze
Humble Hiccup
Harass Hook
Howl Halloo
Haggle Hop
Hold off Hypothesized
Hand in Hellenize
Height Hail
Harden Harangue
Ham Hold in
Hallow Hold back
Heed Hitchhike
Hare Hire
Haze Heel
Harnessed Hike
Heave Hijack
Hired Humidify
Hurrah Hoover
Highjack Haw
Hide Hold
Huckster Haul
Hand out Heap
Hammer Hose
Hinder Hue
Hymn Heterodyne
Hearken Hoard
Harvest Handcuff
Hawk Hob
Hoe Honey
Hydrate Hesitate
Hash out Headquarter
Housekeep Hunker
Hoot Heliograph
Houseclean Hock
Hand over Hazard
Hang Hypnotize
Hem Help
Hollow Heckle
Hurt Have
Homogenize Hoop
Hate Habilitate
Huff Hackle
Hand Hitch
Hiss Hap
Housebreak Honored
Hatchel Hamper
Hustle Hang about
Hinge Hectograph
Hobnail Hearten
Hold up Hunt
Heat Heighten
Husband Hurdle
Hasten Heist
Hold down Hurl
Harrow Hoax
Humiliate Henna
Halve Hollo
Hint Hurtle
Humbug Hiccough
Hasp Humanize
Hold on Hone
Hopple Holiday
Headed Hear
Harmonize Hump
Helm Hill
Horse Hyphen
Hive Humour
Hibachi Hoodwink
Homologize Holler
Hew Hybridize
Hog Hug
Heal Hemorrhage
Hypothecate Homer
Hang together Head off
Hyperbolize Honor
Haunt Hit
Hull Hoof
Hover Herald
Hibernate Harry
Hobble Hyperextend
Husk Honk
Hang up Handstamp
Harbor Honeycomb
Hoist Horsewhip
Habituate Habit
Hope Hunch
Hole Hush
Halted Headline
Hale Hornswoggle
Hunger Hand round
Hack Hat
Honeymoon Harness
Harm Higgle
Hurry Held
Humor Harp
Horrify Harpoon
Happen Home
Hyperventilate Harke
Hand off Halt
Hie Homestead
Hightail Hypostatize
Handicap Herd
Head Hay
Hypothesize Harshen
Hydrogenate Hector
Hurry up Horn
Hedgehop Hospitalize
Hang over Hold out
Hemagglutinate House
Hatch Handle
Hydroplane Harbour
Hemstitch Hobnob
Highlight Harbinger
Hood Hum
Hang on Handl
Honour Hoodoo
Hedge Handcraft

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Verbs Starting with H

  1. Hail
    • Meaning: To call or greet enthusiastically.
    • Example: The crowd hailed the returning hero.
  2. Hammer
    • Meaning: To beat or shape with repeated blows.
    • Example: She hammered the metal into a thin sheet.
  3. Handle
    • Meaning: To touch, hold, or manage with the hands.
    • Example: He handled the delicate artifact carefully.
  4. Hang
    • Meaning: To suspend or be suspended.
    • Example: The picture hung perfectly on the wall.
  5. Happen
    • Meaning: To occur by chance or unexpectedly.
    • Example: A surprising event happened yesterday.
  6. Harass
    • Meaning: To disturb or irritate persistently.
    • Example: The reporter harassed the celebrity for comments.
  7. Harbor
    • Meaning: To give shelter or refuge to.
    • Example: The town harbored the fugitives secretly.
  8. Harden
    • Meaning: To become or make firm or rigid.
    • Example: The clay hardened in the sun.
  9. Harm
    • Meaning: To cause injury or damage.
    • Example: Pollution can harm the environment.
  10. Harmonize
    • Meaning: To bring into balance or agreement.
    • Example: The choir harmonized their voices beautifully.
  11. Harvest
    • Meaning: To gather a crop.
    • Example: Farmers harvest wheat in the fall.
  12. Hasten
    • Meaning: To hurry or quicken.
    • Example: She hastened her steps as night fell.
  13. Hatch
    • Meaning: To emerge from an egg.
    • Example: The chicks hatched early in the morning.
  14. Hate
    • Meaning: To feel intense dislike.
    • Example: He hates being late for meetings.
  15. Haunt
    • Meaning: To visit frequently or appear to in the form of a ghost.
    • Example: The old castle is haunted by a restless spirit.
  16. Heal
    • Meaning: To restore to health.
    • Example: Time can heal many wounds.
  17. Hear
    • Meaning: To perceive by the ear.
    • Example: She heard a strange noise in the night.
  18. Heave
    • Meaning: To lift or haul with great effort.
    • Example: They heaved the heavy box onto the truck.
  19. Help
    • Meaning: To give assistance.
    • Example: Can you help me move this table?
  20. Hesitate
    • Meaning: To pause or delay due to uncertainty.
    • Example: She hesitated before entering the room.
  21. Hide
    • Meaning: To put out of sight or keep secret.
    • Example: He hid the gift under the bed.
  22. Highlight
    • Meaning: To emphasize or make prominent.
    • Example: The report highlighted the need for change.
  23. Hinder
    • Meaning: To obstruct or delay progress.
    • Example: Bad weather hindered their travel plans.
  24. Hire
    • Meaning: To employ someone for wages.
    • Example: The company hired three new employees.
  25. Hiss
    • Meaning: To make a sharp, sibilant sound.
    • Example: The snake hissed at the intruder.
  26. Hit
    • Meaning: To strike or come into contact with forcefully.
    • Example: The ball hit the window, breaking it.
  27. Hold
    • Meaning: To grasp or keep in one’s possession.
    • Example: Hold onto the railing while climbing the stairs.
  28. Holler
    • Meaning: To shout or yell.
    • Example: He hollered for help from the other room.
  29. Honor
    • Meaning: To show respect or tribute.
    • Example: They honored the veteran with a ceremony.
  30. Hook
    • Meaning: To fasten or catch with a hook.
    • Example: She hooked the fish with great skill.
  31. Hope
    • Meaning: To wish for something with expectation.
    • Example: I hope you have a great birthday.
  32. Hover
    • Meaning: To remain floating, suspended, or fluttering in the air.
    • Example: The helicopter hovered over the building.
  33. Hug
    • Meaning: To embrace tightly in the arms.
    • Example: They hugged each other after a long separation.
  34. Humble
    • Meaning: To lower in dignity or importance.
    • Example: He was humbled by his defeat.
  35. Humiliate
    • Meaning: To cause a loss of pride or dignity.
    • Example: She felt humiliated by the public criticism.
  36. Hunt
    • Meaning: To pursue and kill or capture for food or sport.
    • Example: They hunt deer in the wild.
  37. Hurl
    • Meaning: To throw with great force.
    • Example: The athlete hurled the discus far into the field.
  38. Hurry
    • Meaning: To move or act with haste.
    • Example: Hurry up, or we’ll be late!
  39. Hurt
    • Meaning: To cause pain or injury.
    • Example: Falling down the stairs hurt his leg.
  40. Hush
    • Meaning: To make or become quiet.
    • Example: The teacher hushed the noisy classroom.
  41. Hustle
    • Meaning: To move or work energetically and rapidly.
    • Example: She hustled to finish the project on time.
  42. Hypnotize
    • Meaning: To induce a trance-like state.
    • Example: The magician hypnotized the volunteer from the audience.
  43. Hypothesize
    • Meaning: To form a hypothesis.
    • Example: Scientists hypothesize before conducting experiments.
  44. Haggle
    • Meaning: To argue or bargain over a price.
    • Example: They haggled over the price of the car.
  45. Halve
    • Meaning: To divide into two equal parts.
    • Example: She halved the apple for the children.
  46. Handicap
    • Meaning: To put at a disadvantage.
    • Example: The injury handicapped the runner in the race.
  47. Hypothesize
    • Meaning: To form a hypothesis.
    • Example: Scientists hypothesize before conducting experiments.
  48. Harden
    • Meaning: To become or make firm or rigid.
    • Example: The clay hardened in the sun.
  49. Harass
    • Meaning: To disturb or irritate persistently.
    • Example: The reporter harassed the celebrity for comments.
  50. Herald
    • Meaning: To announce or signal the approach of.
    • Example: The blooming flowers herald the arrival of spring.

Action Verbs Starting with H

  1. Hail – Greet
  2. Hammer – Beat
  3. Handle – Manipulate
  4. Hang – Suspend
  5. Happen – Occur
  6. Harass – Annoy
  7. Harbor – Shelter
  8. Harden – Solidify
  9. Harm – Injure
  10. Harmonize – Synchronize
  11. Harvest – Gather
  12. Hasten – Accelerate
  13. Hatch – Emerge
  14. Hate – Despise
  15. Haunt – Stalk
  16. Heal – Cure
  17. Hear – Listen
  18. Heave – Lift
  19. Help – Assist
  20. Hesitate – Pause
  21. Hide – Conceal
  22. Highlight – Emphasize
  23. Hinder – Obstruct
  24. Hire – Employ
  25. Hiss – Sizzle
  26. Hit – Strike
  27. Hold – Grasp
  28. Holler – Shout
  29. Honor – Respect
  30. Hook – Attach
  31. Hope – Wish
  32. Hover – Float
  33. Hug – Embrace
  34. Humble – Demote
  35. Humiliate – Embarrass
  36. Hunt – Chase
  37. Hurl – Throw
  38. Hurry – Rush
  39. Hurt – Pain
  40. Hush – Silence
  41. Hustle – Rush
  42. Hypnotize – Mesmerize
  43. Hypothesize – Theorize
  44. Haggle – Bargain
  45. Halve – Split
  46. Handicap – Disable
  47. Hypnotize – Mesmerize
  48. Harden – Solidify
  49. Harass – Annoy
  50. Herald – Announce

Positive Verbs Starting with H

  1. Heal – Mend
  2. Help – Aid
  3. Honor – Esteem
  4. Hug – Embrace
  5. Hope – Aspire
  6. Host – Welcome
  7. Hail – Acclaim
  8. Harmonize – Unite
  9. Highlight – Feature
  10. Hasten – Expedite
  11. Hum – Murmur
  12. Herald – Proclaim
  13. Honor – Celebrate
  14. Huddle – Congregate
  15. Hone – Refine
  16. Hatch – Birth
  17. Happen – Transpire
  18. Hand – Deliver
  19. Hold – Keep
  20. Hearty – Robust
  21. Harvest – Reap
  22. Hype – Promote
  23. Hitch – Link
  24. Hustle – Strive
  25. Hydrate – Moisturize
  26. Heap – Accumulate
  27. Hallow – Sanctify
  28. Hover – Drift
  29. Hearten – Encourage
  30. Hone – Sharpen
  31. Humor – Amuse
  32. Handle – Manage
  33. Hark – Listen
  34. Herald – Signal
  35. Huddle – Snuggle
  36. Hurry – Scamper
  37. Hover – Glide
  38. Handwrite – Scribble
  39. Hitch – Attach
  40. Hydrate – Refresh
  41. Hail – Salute
  42. Harness – Utilize
  43. Highlight – Illuminate
  44. Honor – Commend
  45. Hype – Excite
  46. Heap – Pile
  47. HallowRevere
  48. Hearten – Inspire
  49. Huddle – Cluster
  50. Hum – Sing

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Verbs that beginning with H

Verbs that start with H in English

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