Verbs that start with X in English

Verbs that start with the letter X can be difficult to find in English, as it is not a commonly used letter. However, there are still several verbs that begin with X. These words are often considered obscure and have very specific definitions, so they may not be used in everyday speech.

Verbs That Start With X

Xerocole Xylograph
Xeroderma Xyloidize
Xylography Xeriscape
Xfer Xiphias
Xanthosis Xylotomy
Xenodochize Xylify
Xenobiotic Xylology
Xanthene Xanthin
Xerophthalmia Xylomance
Xanthochromia Xylophage
Xiphoidize Xenarthra
Xylotomize Xylophone
Xylomancy Xenogamy
Xeroxize X-Irradiate
Xerophile X-Ing
Xylopolist Xeroxed
Xylographize Xerox
Xanthurize Xanthoma
Xerocopy Xylophagous
Xylitize Xenogenize
Xenogenesis Xanthochroize
Xylopyrography Xyster
Xylorimba Xerophilous
Xerographically Xylophonic
Xanthous Xoanon
Xiphoid Xenolith
Xanthogenate Xanthophyll
XOR Xenotransplant
Xerograph Xyst
Xyloid Xanthate
Xylan Xenografting
Xanthopsia Xylophonize
Xylogen Xxencode
Xerophyte Xylostromatoid
Xenophobia Xenograft
Xerodermize Xanthic
Xylitol X-Ray
Xanthism Xerothermic
Xylocarp X-Out

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Verbs Starting With X

  1. X-ray
    • Meaning: To photograph with X-rays.
    • Example: The doctor decided to x-ray her hand to check for fractures.
  2. Xenotransplant
    • Meaning: To transplant cells, tissues, or organs from one species to another.
    • Example: Scientists xenotransplanted pig heart valves into human patients.
  3. Xerox
    • Meaning: To photocopy.
    • Example: Please xerox these documents for the meeting.
  4. X-Link
    • Meaning: To form a chemical bond between molecules.
    • Example: The process will x-link the polymers into a solid form.
  5. Xylograph
    • Meaning: To carve or engrave on wood.
    • Example: He learned to xylograph intricate patterns onto wooden surfaces.
  6. Xeriscape
    • Meaning: To landscape using methods that reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation.
    • Example: They decided to xeriscape their garden to conserve water.
  7. Xylify
    • Meaning: To turn into wood; to become woody.
    • Example: The plant began to xylify as it matured.
  8. Xenophobe
    • Meaning: To fear or hate strangers or foreigners.
    • Example: His refusal to travel abroad might indicate he xenophobes.
  9. Xylophone
    • Meaning: To play the xylophone.
    • Example: She can xylophone beautifully, creating melodious tunes.
  10. Xenize
    • Meaning: To host a stranger or foreigner.
    • Example: They love to xenize and often have international guests.
  11. Xeroxgraph
    • Meaning: To make a copy using a xeroxgraphic process.
    • Example: The artist decided to xeroxgraph his original sketches.
  12. Xylotomize
    • Meaning: To cut or dissect wood for study.
    • Example: The carpenter had to xylotomize the ancient timber for restoration.
  13. Xenograft
    • Meaning: To graft tissue from a different species.
    • Example: The medical team performed a xenograft with synthetic skin.
  14. Xenophily
    • Meaning: To show an affinity for unknown or foreign objects or people.
    • Example: She demonstrates xenophily by learning various foreign languages.
  15. Xenoculture
    • Meaning: To adopt or cultivate foreign customs or culture.
    • Example: Living abroad, he began to xenoculture rapidly.
  16. Xenodochize
    • Meaning: To welcome or entertain strangers or guests.
    • Example: The village is known to xenodochize travelers warmly.
  17. Xylographize
    • Meaning: To produce a print or engraving by xylography.
    • Example: He plans to xylographize his artwork for the exhibition.
  18. Xenotropism
    • Meaning: To turn or grow towards a foreign or strange element.
    • Example: The plant exhibited xenotropism towards the unfamiliar soil.
  19. Xenomania
    • Meaning: An excessive fondness for anything foreign.
    • Example: Her xenomania is evident in her eclectic home decor.
  20. Xylophagize
    • Meaning: To feed on wood.
    • Example: Certain insects xylophagize, causing damage to wooden structures.
  21. Xenogenize
    • Meaning: To cause to become foreign or strange.
    • Example: The cultural shift began to xenogenize traditional practices.
  22. Xerocopy
    • Meaning: To dry copy, especially in photography.
    • Example: The technician will xerocopy the old photographs for preservation.
  23. Xylomancy
    • Meaning: To practice divination by examining wood.
    • Example: In ancient rituals, priests would xylomancy to predict the future.
  24. Xenolinguistics
    • Meaning: To study the language of alien species.
    • Example: The sci-fi author specializes in xenolinguistics for her novels.
  25. Xylophonize
    • Meaning: To arrange or compose for the xylophone.
    • Example: The composer decided to xylophonize the piece for the concert.
  26. Xystarch
    • Meaning: To oversee an ancient Greek gymnasium or public gym.
    • Example: In historic times, he would have been chosen to xystarch.
  27. Xerophilize
    • Meaning: To adapt or become suited to a dry environment.
    • Example: Certain cacti xerophilize in arid conditions.
  28. Xenolatrize
    • Meaning: To show undue respect or devotion to anything foreign.
    • Example: They tend to xenolatrize foreign technological products.
  29. Xenize
    • Meaning: To live as a foreigner in a strange land.
    • Example: After moving abroad, she began to xenize comfortably.
  30. Xeroradiography
    • Meaning: To use a dry photographic process for radiography.
    • Example: The clinic uses xeroradiography for clearer imaging.
  31. Xenomorphize
    • Meaning: To transform into an alien form.
    • Example: In the movie, the creature began to xenomorphize shockingly.
  32. Xenotize
    • Meaning: To make foreign or strange.
    • Example: Globalization can xenotize local cultures.
  33. Xerograph
    • Meaning: To produce an image by xerography.
    • Example: He needed to xerograph the plan layout for the team.
  34. Xeroxing
    • Meaning: To duplicate documents using a Xerox machine.
    • Example: We spent the afternoon xeroxing flyers for the event.
  35. Xyloglucan
    • Meaning: To synthesize or break down xyloglucan, a hemicellulose found in plant walls.
    • Example: Certain enzymes xyloglucan during plant growth.
  36. Xyloidinize
    • Meaning: To convert into xyloidine, a nitrocellulose compound.
    • Example: The chemical process will xyloidinize the cellulose for industrial use.
  37. Xenocentrize
    • Meaning: To focus or centralize on foreign elements.
    • Example: The new policy tends to xenocentrize economic strategies.
  38. Xerotherm
    • Meaning: To endure or thrive in dry, hot conditions.
    • Example: These plants xerotherm in the desert climate.
  39. Xylocarve
    • Meaning: To carve into wood.
    • Example: He loves to xylocarve figures and symbols into tree trunks.
  40. Xenocytize
    • Meaning: To absorb foreign cells into an organism.
    • Example: The study focuses on how cells xenocytize during infection.
  41. Xylopolist
    • Meaning: To deal or trade in wood or wooden items.
    • Example: As a xylopolist, he supplies quality timber to builders.
  42. Xenobioticize
    • Meaning: To introduce or be affected by foreign substances.
    • Example: Pollution can xenobioticize natural ecosystems.
  43. Xylotomy
    • Meaning: To perform the art of woodcutting or wood sectioning.
    • Example: In botany, xylotomy helps in studying plant anatomy.
  44. Xerophytize
    • Meaning: To evolve or adapt to very dry conditions.
    • Example: Over centuries, these species xerophytize to survive.
  45. Xenogamize
    • Meaning: To crossbreed or hybridize with foreign species.
    • Example: Breeders sometimes xenogamize plants to create new varieties.
  46. Xylopolize
    • Meaning: To police or regulate the trade of wood.
    • Example: The government must xylopolize to prevent illegal logging.
  47. Xenize
    • Meaning: To live as a stranger or foreigner.
    • Example: He decided to xenize in a new country for a fresh start.
  48. Xerography
    • Meaning: To print or copy by dry photography processes.
    • Example: Most offices use xerography for everyday document reproduction.
  49. Xerocollyrium
    • Meaning: To apply a dry collyrium, an eye medication.
    • Example: The doctor prescribed to xerocollyrium to treat her eye condition.
  50. Xenoblastize
    • Meaning: To form a xenoblast, a crystal different from the surrounding rock matrix.
    • Example: Geologists observed the minerals to xenoblastize under high pressure.

Action Verbs Starting With X

  1. X-ray: Imaging
  2. Xenotransplant: Transplanting
  3. Xerox: Copying
  4. X-Link: Bonding
  5. Xylograph: Carving
  6. Xeriscape: Landscaping
  7. Xylify: Hardening
  8. Xenophobe: Fearing
  9. Xylophone: Playing
  10. Xenize: Hosting
  11. Xeroxgraph: Reproducing
  12. Xylotomize: Dissecting
  13. Xenograft: Grafting
  14. Xenophily: Embracing
  15. Xenoculture: Adopting
  16. Xenodochize: Welcoming
  17. Xylographize: Printing
  18. Xenotropism: Turning
  19. Xenomania: Preferring
  20. Xylophagize: Eating
  21. Xenogenize: Altering
  22. Xerocopy: Drying
  23. Xylomancy: Divining
  24. Xenolinguistics: Studying
  25. Xylophonize: Arranging
  26. Xystarch: Overseeing
  27. Xerophilize: Adapting
  28. Xenolatrize: Revering
  29. Xenize: Living
  30. Xeroradiography: Imaging
  31. Xenomorphize: Transforming
  32. Xenotize: Changing
  33. Xerograph: Producing
  34. Xeroxing: Duplicating
  35. Xyloglucan: Synthesizing
  36. Xyloidinize: Converting
  37. Xenocentrize: Focusing
  38. Xerotherm: Enduring
  39. Xylocarve: Sculpting
  40. Xenocytize: Absorbing
  41. Xylopolist: Trading
  42. Xenobioticize: Introducing
  43. Xylotomy: Cutting
  44. Xerophytize: Evolving
  45. Xenogamize: Hybridizing
  46. Xylopolize: Regulating
  47. Xenize: Settling
  48. Xerography: Printing
  49. Xerocollyrium: Applying
  50. Xenoblastize: Forming

Positive Verbs Starting With X

  1. X-ray: Diagnosing
  2. Xenotransplant: Saving
  3. Xerox: Replicating
  4. X-Link: Connecting
  5. Xylograph: Creating
  6. Xeriscape: Conserving
  7. Xylify: Strengthening
  8. Xenophobe: Protecting
  9. Xylophone: Entertaining
  10. Xenize: Accommodating
  11. Xeroxgraph: Multiplying
  12. Xylotomize: Analyzing
  13. Xenograft: Healing
  14. Xenophily: Welcoming
  15. Xenoculture: Exploring
  16. Xenodochize: Entertaining
  17. Xylographize: Illustrating
  18. Xenotropism: Growing
  19. Xenomania: Appreciating
  20. Xylophagize: Nourishing
  21. Xenogenize: Diversifying
  22. Xerocopy: Preserving
  23. Xylomancy: Forecasting
  24. Xenolinguistics: Communicating
  25. Xylophonize: Composing
  26. Xystarch: Managing
  27. Xerophilize: Surviving
  28. Xenolatrize: Admiring
  29. Xenize: Exploring
  30. Xeroradiography: Clarifying
  31. Xenomorphize: Innovating
  32. Xenotize: Globalizing
  33. Xerograph: Displaying
  34. Xeroxing: Sharing
  35. Xyloglucan: Building
  36. Xyloidinize: Transforming
  37. Xenocentrize: Prioritizing
  38. Xerotherm: Thriving
  39. Xylocarve: Articulating
  40. Xenocytize: Integrating
  41. Xylopolist: Supplying
  42. Xenobioticize: Renewing
  43. Xylotomy: Researching
  44. Xerophytize: Adapting
  45. Xenogamize: Innovating
  46. Xylopolize: Protecting
  47. Xenize: Establishing
  48. Xerography: Documenting
  49. Xerocollyrium: Treating
  50. Xenoblastize: Developing

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Verbs that start with X in English

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