Verbs that start with B in English

Verbs that start with B in English are vast and varied. Whether you’re looking for a verb to supplement your writing or just curious about the many forms of the English language, there is something here for everyone. Here’s a quick overview of some common verbs that start with B in English.

Verbs That Start With B

Bib Bisect
Brace Backward
Branch out Bichromatize
Blame Bate
Birr Bear out
Behead Buffle
Bield Buffoon
Bolster Blow past
Bet Breach
Blarney Boke
Bilge Bring about
Bang Bear on
Blenk Blare
Bequeath Begin
Bespeak Boot up
Block out Beacon
Bring back Break
Beard Brandish
Blanket Babbitt
Buckler Blight
Bleed Bubble
Ballast Blossom
Bone Brain
Bother Boothale
Bibbe Break up
Bless Blaze
Brevet Boil off
Be down Benefit
Bounce Bring out
Bombard Be along
Beckon Bob
Blow Budget
Boost Baby
Brand Birch
Buckle up Booze
Bead Bare
Brank Bicker
Briefed Birken
Bestow Bomb
Bring round Ball out
Backstitch Boln
Baigne Bleach
Becharm Boil down
Bede Believe in
Banish Bed
Bullish Brush
Bigging Bifurcate
Bugbear Bathe
Boomerang Blessing
Burst Bode
Blek Bug
Brew Bear upon
Breast-feed Back-burner
Bogue Binge
Billow Bolling
Back into Bonify
Brisk Battle
Bind Bias
Be above Beclip
Beat off Blandish
Beseech Big
Bull Buck
Bean Belch
Beblood Blow down
Bedazzle Boosted
Bibler Blend
Bagpipe Bunk
Bully Baa
Backslide Bray
Brave Backbite
Brake Bundle
Blat Blacklead
Break through Behave
Bear Brabble
Braise Becloud
Blaspheme Bring forth
Brighten up Bubbler
Break out Bakehouse
Bibulous Beck
Blandise Bait
Buckle down Boot
Blink Burn up
Bore Book
Bedaggle Bulldoze
Billet Beg
Blot Bogie
Beclap Balanced
Blacken Boil
Burn out Befriend
Back Breeze
Bin Bale
Bud Blin
Balance Blackball
Break even Break away
Brenne Birl
Ballad Bigg
Broadcas Bladder
Box Be
Beget Bace
Bide Brazen
Bite Bracket
Buff Bunker
Bulge Becurl
Bill Bishop
Biggen Bring off
Backset Best
Back off Brighten
Bubble over Bombast
Brawl Bleat
Bulk Beatify
Breast Backwash
Bungle Bring around
Buck up Back up
Babble Bring in
Ban Boom
Blemish Beat down
Bisie Be with
Brandle Bit
Blackmail Bullyrag
Balloon Blow over
Belong Breakfast
Back out Bound
Bash Bunch
Birdie Bleck
Bullition Boose
Boil up Buy
Bilk Billed
Built Believe
Birdlime Bumble
Beat up Bum
Becripple Bereave
Bulb Ball up
Bump into Be around
Bullock Book in
Burn down Beat out
Breathe Bodge
Build Bargain
Bury Bought
Bestride Boll
Busy Branch
Bemoan Blocked
Blear Beat
Besiege Bedaub
Bung Beblot
Beach Beautify
Bloom Beal
Bring up Bulwark
Bear with Bold
Brail Bundle up
Beset Brag
Bonnet Bat
Blatter Bag
Bub Bring
Boat Blank
Blow out Bookmark
Balls up Braze
Breviate Brief
Behold Bump
Balderdash Become
Blow off Bring along
Black out Ballarag
Board Brast
Boggle Bicolligate
Blade Bebloody
Blush Bolt
Ballotade Buffet
Bail Buffer
Bring to Break down
Bow Budge
Bad-mouth Boohoe
Blazon Boast
Bank on Blab
Balbucinate Better
Blench Balbutiate
Bolden Biographize
Blow up Black
Borrow Bruise
Becalm Bombinate
Bream Body
Back down Blow away
Boil over Beaver
Break off Bond
Bark Backgammon
Buzz Bottom out
Braggart Burn
Bight Bring down
Bog Bedash
Buccaneer Braid
Bail out Breech
Biggin Beadle
Badge Build up
Blast Bicycle
Blanch Blackguard
Ballot Beatificate
Back away Buddle
Bird Baffle
Buckram Breed
Baker Bribe
Beath Blindfold
Back onto Badger
Breste Break into
Break in Bake
Broaden Bren
Bread Bike
Budgeted Bechance
Blacklist Border
Beblubber Balk
Bedaff Block off
Bid Bend
Beam Bring forward
Blind Bedabble

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Verbs  Starting With B

  1. Baffle
  • Meaning: Confound or perplex.
  • Example: The riddle’s complexity baffled them.
  1. Balance
  • Meaning: Maintain or achieve stability.
  • Example: He balanced the vase carefully.
  1. Bargain
  • Meaning: Negotiate or haggle.
  • Example: They bargained over the antique.
  1. Beautify
  • Meaning: Enhance or adorn.
  • Example: She beautified the garden skillfully.
  1. Begin
  • Meaning: Initiate or start.
  • Example: The ceremony began at noon.
  1. Behave
  • Meaning: Act or conduct oneself.
  • Example: The children behaved well.
  1. Believe
  • Meaning: Accept or trust.
  • Example: They believed the story.
  1. Benefit
  • Meaning: Gain or profit.
  • Example: The program benefited many.
  1. Bind
  • Meaning: Tie or secure.
  • Example: He bound the package tightly.
  1. Blink
  • Meaning: Flash or wink.
  • Example: She blinked in the bright light.
  1. Blossom
  • Meaning: Flower or bloom.
  • Example: The trees blossomed in spring.
  1. Blunder
  • Meaning: Err or stumble.
  • Example: He blundered during the speech.
  1. Boast
  • Meaning: Brag or show off.
  • Example: They boasted about their achievements.
  1. Borrow
  • Meaning: Take or use temporarily.
  • Example: She borrowed a book from him.
  1. Bounce
  • Meaning: Rebound or spring.
  • Example: The ball bounced on the floor.
  1. Brave
  • Meaning: Face or endure with courage.
  • Example: They braved the storm.
  1. Breathe
  • Meaning: Inhale or exhale.
  • Example: He breathed deeply to relax.
  1. Brighten
  • Meaning: Illuminate or cheer up.
  • Example: The lights brightened the room.
  1. Broadcast
  • Meaning: Transmit or air.
  • Example: The event was broadcasted live.
  1. Build
  • Meaning: Construct or create.
  • Example: They built a new house.
  1. Bump
  • Meaning: Collide or knock.
  • Example: She bumped into the table.
  1. Bundle
  • Meaning: Wrap or tie together.
  • Example: He bundled up the newspapers.
  1. Burn
  • Meaning: Ignite or flame.
  • Example: The fire burned brightly.
  1. Bury
  • Meaning: Inter or cover up.
  • Example: They buried the time capsule.
  1. Buzz
  • Meaning: Hum or vibrate.
  • Example: The bees buzzed around the flowers.
  1. Balance
  • Meaning: Equilibrate or stabilize.
  • Example: She balanced her diet carefully.
  1. Banter
  • Meaning: Joke or converse playfully.
  • Example: They bantered during the meeting.
  1. Bargain
  • Meaning: Deal or negotiate terms.
  • Example: He bargained for a better salary.
  1. Bathe
  • Meaning: Cleanse or immerse in water.
  • Example: She bathed the baby gently.
  1. Battle
  • Meaning: Fight or contend.
  • Example: They battled against the odds.
  1. Beam
  • Meaning: Shine or radiate.
  • Example: His smile beamed with joy.
  1. Beckon
  • Meaning: Signal or summon.
  • Example: He beckoned them over.
  1. Befriend
  • Meaning: Make friends or ally.
  • Example: She befriended the new student.
  1. Beg
  • Meaning: Plead or implore.
  • Example: He begged for forgiveness.
  1. Belittle
  • Meaning: Diminish or disparage.
  • Example: She belittled his efforts.
  1. Bellow
  • Meaning: Roar or shout.
  • Example: He bellowed in anger.
  1. Bend
  • Meaning: Flex or curve.
  • Example: She bent the wire into shape.
  1. Beseech
  • Meaning: Implore or entreat.
  • Example: They beseeched for help.
  1. Bestow
  • Meaning: Grant or confer.
  • Example: The award was bestowed upon her.
  1. Bet
  • Meaning: Wager or gamble.
  • Example: He bet on the winning horse.
  1. Bewilder
  • Meaning: Confuse or mystify.
  • Example: The maze bewildered them.
  1. Bicker
  • Meaning: Argue or squabble.
  • Example: The siblings bickered constantly.
  1. Bite
  • Meaning: Gnaw or nibble.
  • Example: The dog bit the intruder.
  1. Blaze
  • Meaning: Burn fiercely or shine brightly.
  • Example: The sun blazed in the sky.
  1. Blend
  • Meaning: Mix or combine.
  • Example: She blended the ingredients smoothly.
  1. Bless
  • Meaning: Consecrate or favor.
  • Example: The priest blessed the congregation.
  1. Blush
  • Meaning: Redden or show embarrassment.
  • Example: She blushed at the compliment.
  1. Boil
  • Meaning: Heat until bubbling.
  • Example: The water boiled rapidly.
  1. Bolster
  • Meaning: Support or strengthen.
  • Example: They bolstered the team’s morale.
  1. Bond
  • Meaning: Connect or unite.
  • Example: They bonded over shared interests.

Action Verbs Starting With B

  1.  Bargain – Negotiate
  2. Balance – Stabilize
  3.  Bounce – Rebound
  4. Blaze – Ignite
  5. Blend – Mix
  6. Bolt – Fasten
  7. Boast – Brag
  8. Bury – Inter
  9.  Breed – Reproduce
  10. Blast – Explode
  11. Bind – Tie
  12. Bend – Curve
  13. Bite – Gnaw
  14. Blink – Wink
  15. Board – Embark
  16. Break – Shatter
  17. Build – Construct
  18. Burn – Ignite
  19. Bustle – Hustle
  20. Bathe – Wash
  21. Battle – Combat
  22. Beg – Plead
  23. Behold – Observe
  24. Believe – Trust
  25.  Bellow – Shout
  26.  Benefit – Profit
  27. Besiege – Surround
  28. Betray – Deceive
  29. Blame – Accuse
  30.  Bleach – Whiten
  31. Bless – Consecrate
  32. Blind – Deprive
  33. Block – Obstruct
  34. Bloom – Flower
  35. Blow – Gust
  36. Blur – Obscure
  37.  Boil – Simmer
  38. Bolt – Dash
  39. Bomb – Explode
  40.  Boost – Elevate
  41. Borrow – Lend
  42. Bounce – Jump
  43. Bow – Bend
  44. Brace – Support
  45. Brandish – Wave
  46. Breathe – Inhale
  47. Brew – Ferment
  48. Bridge – Connect
  49. Brighten – Illuminate
  50.  Broil – Grill

Positive Verbs That Start With B

  1. Brighten – Illuminate with positivity.
  2. Believe – Trust with confidence.
  3. Beautify – Enhance aesthetics.
  4. Befriend – Form a friendship.
  5. Benefit – Provide advantages.
  6. Bless – Bestow goodness.
  7. Bloom – Flourish or thrive.
  8. Boost – Increase or improve.
  9. Brave – Face with courage.
  10. Build – Construct positively.
  11. Burgeon – Grow or expand.
  12. Balance – Create equilibrium.
  13. Breathe – Inhale tranquility.
  14. Bask – Enjoy or relish.
  15. Beam – Radiate joy.
  16. Beguile – Charm or enchant.
  17. Behold – Witness beauty.
  18. Belong – Fit in harmoniously.
  19. Benefit – Gain advantage.
  20. Bestow – Give generously.
  21. Blossom – Develop beautifully.
  22. Bolster – Support or strengthen.
  23. Bond – Form a connection.
  24. Boom – Prosper or flourish.
  25. Boost – Enhance or elevate.
  26. Bounce – Recover with resilience.
  27. Bow – Show respect.
  28. Brace – Prepare positively.
  29. Brandish – Display proudly.
  30. Brave – Confront with bravery.
  31. Breathe – Live fully.
  32. Brew – Develop positively.
  33. Bridge – Connect constructively.
  34. Brighten – Cheer up.
  35. Brilliant – Shine intellectually.
  36. Brim – Fill to the edge.
  37. Bring – Deliver with joy.
  38. Brisk – Energize with liveliness.
  39. Broaden – Expand horizons.
  40. Bud – Begin to grow.
  41. Buff – Polish to shine.
  42. Build – Create constructively.
  43. Bulge – Expand positively.
  44. Bump – Encounter happily.
  45. Buoy – Keep afloat.
  46. Burgeon – Grow rapidly.
  47. Burst – Explode with energy.
  48. Bustle – Move energetically.
  49. Butter – Spread kindness.
  50. Buzz – Hum with activity.

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Verbs that begin with B

Verbs that start with B in English

Verbs that starting with B in English

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