Verbs that start with Y in English

Verbs that start with the letter Y are relatively rare in the English language. There are only about a dozen verbs that begin with the letter Y, and all of them have very specific uses and definitions. These words can be used to describe movements, states of being, or conditions.

Verbs That Start With Y

Yelp Yourt
Yodelled Yeast
Youthify Yest
Yclept Yoll
Yacht Yours
Youden Yatter
Youngster Yike
Yellow Yack
Yux Yodele
Yestereve Yerk
Yox Yoga
Yeve Yealm
Yarborough Yuck
Yammer Yend
Yon Yowl
Yodel Yaff
Yean Yew
Yestermorn Yard
Yoni Yot
Yarn Yead
Ymbre Yfere
Yaup Youthy
Yak On Yicker
Ygo Yang
Yip Yed
Ylem Yuke
Yarr Yonker
Yogurt Yegg
Yell Yonder
Yelling Yerba
Yaw Yield Up
Your Youl
Yive Yellowed
Yeasay Yark
Yock Yap
Yern Yeuk
Yank Yawn
Yawp Yex
Yapok Yielding
Yawl Yearn
Yird Yift
Yank Off Yield
Yearling Yesternight
Ylike Yodle
Yaulp Yoke
Yote Youth
Yen Yite
Yokel Yous
Yeastify Yield To
Young Yoncopin
Yelk Yesteryear
Yow Yomp

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Verbs Starting with Y

1. Yearn

  • Meaning: To have a strong, often melancholic desire.
  • Example: She yearned for a return to her childhood home.

2. Yell

  • Meaning: To shout loudly, often out of excitement, anger, or fear.
  • Example: The coach yelled instructions to the players.

3. Yield

  • Meaning: To give way or surrender under pressure.
  • Example: The company yielded to the demands of the protesters.

4. Yoke

  • Meaning: To join or link together.
  • Example: The farmer yoked the oxen to the plow.

5. Yarn

  • Meaning: To tell a long or elaborate story, often exaggerated or fictitious.
  • Example: Grandpa loved to yarn about his adventures at sea.

6. Yelp

  • Meaning: To emit a sharp, high-pitched bark or cry.
  • Example: The dog yelped in surprise when the door slammed.

7. Yawn

  • Meaning: To open the mouth wide involuntarily due to tiredness.
  • Example: She yawned during the boring lecture.

8. Yearn for

  • Meaning: To have a strong desire or longing for something.
  • Example: He yearned for success in his new venture.

9. Yellow

  • Meaning: To become yellow or cause to become yellow.
  • Example: The pages of the book yellowed over time.

10. Yodel

  • Meaning: To sing with rapid changes of pitch between the natural voice and falsetto.
  • Example: He learned to yodel while living in the Swiss Alps.

11. Yank

  • Meaning: To pull something sharply or with force.
  • Example: She yanked the rope to signal the start of the race.

12. Yap

  • Meaning: To bark sharply, shrilly, and often persistently.
  • Example: The small dog yapped at every passerby.

13. Yammer

  • Meaning: To talk persistently and loudly.
  • Example: He yammered on about his vacation for hours.

14. Yelp for

  • Meaning: To cry out or call for something with a sharp, high-pitched sound.
  • Example: The puppy yelped for its mother.

15. Yeast

  • Meaning: To ferment or cause to ferment.
  • Example: The brewer yeasted the mixture to produce beer.

16. Yaw

  • Meaning: To deviate temporarily from a straight course.
  • Example: The ship yawed in the rough seas.

17. Yearn over

  • Meaning: To feel deep compassion or sorrow for something.
  • Example: She yearned over the loss of her dear friend.

18. Yield up

  • Meaning: To surrender or give up something.
  • Example: He yielded up his seat to the elderly lady.

19. Yodel for

  • Meaning: To call or summon by yodeling.
  • Example: The shepherd yodeled for his flock in the hills.

20. Yowl

  • Meaning: To make a loud, wailing cry, as in pain, fear, or anger.
  • Example: The cat yowled when it got its tail caught in the door.

21. Yelp out

  • Meaning: To utter or express with a sharp, high-pitched sound.
  • Example: She yelped out in surprise when she won the prize.

22. Yearn after

  • Meaning: To long for or desire something eagerly.
  • Example: He yearned after a life of adventure.

23. Yank out

  • Meaning: To remove something abruptly or forcefully.
  • Example: He yanked out the weed from the garden.

24. Yammer on

  • Meaning: To continue talking in a repetitive or annoying way.
  • Example: She yammered on about the same old problems.

25. Yowl at

  • Meaning: To cry or wail at someone or something.
  • Example: The dog yowled at the moon all night.

26. Yelp in

  • Meaning: To cry out sharply while entering or involving oneself in something.
  • Example: He yelped in pain as he stepped on a sharp object.

27. Yaw around

  • Meaning: To turn or swing around, often erratically.
  • Example: The car yawed around on the icy road.

28. Yield to

  • Meaning: To give in or succumb to someone or something.
  • Example: After much persuasion, she yielded to their request.

29. Yodel along

  • Meaning: To sing or chant in the manner of a yodel in accompaniment.
  • Example: They yodeled along with the folk music at the festival.

30. Yank away

  • Meaning: To pull or tug something away from its position or attachment.
  • Example: The child yanked away the toy from his sibling.

31. Yap about

  • Meaning: To talk noisily or foolishly about something.
  • Example: He’s always yapping about his fancy car.

32. Yammer at

  • Meaning: To complain or whine at someone persistently.
  • Example: The customers yammered at the waiter about the slow service.

33. Yelp around

  • Meaning: To make a series of sharp, high-pitched cries while moving around.
  • Example: The excited puppy yelped around the yard.

34. Yearn towards

  • Meaning: To feel a strong and earnest desire directed toward something or someone.
  • Example: She yearned towards a career in the arts.

35. Yank off

  • Meaning: To pull something off quickly or with force.
  • Example: He yanked off his coat as he entered the house.

36. Yawn over

  • Meaning: To express boredom or tiredness over something.
  • Example: They yawned over the uninteresting lecture.

37. Yowl for

  • Meaning: To cry or howl for something persistently.
  • Example: The hungry cat yowled for food.

38. Yaw to

  • Meaning: To change direction or orientation towards something.
  • Example: The plane yawed to the left to avoid the storm.

39. Yank down

  • Meaning: To pull something down forcefully.
  • Example: She yanked down the old curtains.

40. Yelp with

  • Meaning: To express a sharp cry in conjunction with something or someone.
  • Example: The audience yelped with excitement during the performance.

41. Yap at

  • Meaning: To bark or talk at someone or something annoyingly.
  • Example: The little dog yapped at the visitors’ heels.

42. Yawn at

  • Meaning: To show a lack of interest or boredom at something.
  • Example: He yawned at the same old jokes.

43. Yodel to

  • Meaning: To sing or call out to someone using the yodel technique.
  • Example: She yodeled to her friends across the valley.

44. Yaw from

  • Meaning: To deviate or turn away from a set course or direction.
  • Example: The boat yawed from its course due to strong winds.

45. Yank up

  • Meaning: To pull or hoist something upwards with force.
  • Example: He yanked up the flag.

46. Yelp through

  • Meaning: To make a series of sharp cries while enduring or passing through something.
  • Example: The athlete yelped through the pain of the marathon.

47. Yammer to

  • Meaning: To talk loudly or incessantly to someone.
  • Example: She yammered to her friend about her weekend plans.

48. Yowl over

  • Meaning: To lament or mourn over something loudly.
  • Example: The community yowled over the loss of their beloved leader.

49. Yawn for

  • Meaning: To express a longing or desire for something through a yawn.
  • Example: He yawned for a vacation after months of hard work.

50. Yank together

  • Meaning: To pull or gather things together quickly.
  • Example: They yanked together their belongings as they prepared to evacuate.

Action Verbs Starting With Y

  1. Yield: Surrender
  2. Yell: Shout
  3. Yank: Pull
  4. Yearn: Long
  5. Yawn: Gape
  6. Yield: Produce
  7. Yodel: Sing
  8. Yoke: Connect
  9. Yelp: Squeal
  10. Yammer: Babble
  11. Yaw: Swerve
  12. Yield: Give
  13. Yellow: Discolor
  14. Yap: Bark
  15. Yield: Relinquish
  16. Yield to: Acquiesce
  17. Yank: Tug
  18. Yawn: Bore
  19. Yell at: Scold
  20. Yammer on: Ramble
  21. Yank off: Remove
  22. Yearn for: Desire
  23. Yawn over: Dismiss
  24. Yield up: Cede
  25. Yoke together: Unite
  26. Yelp out: Exclaim
  27. Yield: Generate
  28. Yawn at: Ignore
  29. Yelp in: React
  30. Yearn over: Pity
  31. Yank away: Seize
  32. Yammer about: Complain
  33. Yoke to: Attach
  34. Yell out: Proclaim
  35. Yank out: Extract
  36. Yield: Concede
  37. Yowl: Howl
  38. Yearn after: Crave
  39. Yap at: Snarl
  40. Yank down: Demolish
  41. Yammer to: Lecture
  42. Yell for: Summon
  43. Yowl at: Protest
  44. Yield: Harvest
  45. Yank up: Hoist
  46. Yowl over: Mourn
  47. Yap: Chatter
  48. Yawn for: Crave
  49. Yearn towards: Aspire
  50. Yammer against: Criticize

Positive Verbs That Start With Y

  1. Yield: Accommodate
  2. Yell: Encourage
  3. Yank: Rescue
  4. Yearn: Hope
  5. Yawn: Relax
  6. Yield: Provide
  7. Yodel: Entertain
  8. Yoke: Join
  9. Yelp: Alert
  10. Yammer: Express
  11. Yaw: Navigate
  12. Yield: Offer
  13. Yellow: Ripen
  14. Yap: Communicate
  15. Yield: Present
  16. Yield to: Respect
  17. Yank: Liberate
  18. Yawn: Unwind
  19. Yell at: Motivate
  20. Yammer on: Elaborate
  21. Yank off: Free
  22. Yearn for: Wish
  23. Yawn over: Disregard
  24. Yield up: Surrender
  25. Yoke together: Harmonize
  26. Yelp out: Announce
  27. Yield: Bloom
  28. Yawn at: Overlook
  29. Yelp in: Participate
  30. Yearn over: Sympathize
  31. Yank away: Retrieve
  32. Yammer about: Discuss
  33. Yoke to: Bind
  34. Yell out: Declare
  35. Yank out: Draw
  36. Yield: Submit
  37. Yowl: Vocalize
  38. Yearn after: Seek
  39. Yap at: Address
  40. Yank down: Reform
  41. Yammer to: Advise
  42. Yell for: Call
  43. Yowl at: Defend
  44. Yield: Cultivate
  45. Yank up: Erect
  46. Yowl over: Lament
  47. Yap: Converse
  48. Yawn for: Yearn
  49. Yearn towards: Strive
  50. Yammer against: Advocate

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