Figure of speech with Examples. Here is complete detail of figure of speech definition with examples. 6 Types of figure of speech with PDF are listed below. It is a wonderful and informative lesson for the beginners if you wanna to correct your sentence making sense improve so must read this.

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Figure of speech with Examples

What is a figure of speech?

Figure of speech Definition: It is ornamental use of words. It is used to increase the efficacy of words in a sentence. For Examples, if we say, ‘’There are many pillars in this building’’, the word pillars are used in its general sense. When we say, ‘’Defeat is the pillar of victory’’, the word pillar is pillar used in figurative sense.

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6 Types of Figures of Speech

  1. Simile
  2. Metaphor
  3. Personification
  4. Alliteration
  5. Irony
  6. Imagery

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Types of figure of speech with Examples



It is a figure of comparison in which two dissimilar things are compared explicitly for a point of similarity. Simile is usually introduced by such words as: ‘’Like, as, such as, just as’’.


  1. Ali is Like a brother to me.
  2. Ahmad is as brave as a lion.
  3. The child ran like a hare.
  4. The stag is as foolish as a fox.
  5. His face is like a book.
  6. My younger brother is just as good as



It is an implicit comparison without using such as; ‘’LIKE, AS, just as, such as.’’ It is second type of figure of speech.

In it, two subjects of completely different nature are identified.


  1. The camel is the ship of desert.
  2. Gamma was the Rustam of Pakistan.
  3. Rahim is the Shibli of our school.
  4. My Elder son is the star of the family.
  5. Salma Chand BiBi of our city.
  6. Life is a tale told by an idiot.



In personification, inanimate (lifeless) objects and abstract ideas are spoken of as having life and intelligence.


  1. Opportunity knocks at the door once.
  2. Ambition mars their useful toil.
  3. Death lays its icy hands on everyone.
  4. The Sea that bares her bosom to the moon.
  5. Crime skulks in the streets.
  6. Her patience replies to that murmur.

4: Alliteration


It is repetition of the same sound or syllables at the beginning of two or more words.


  1. How high his honor holds his haughty head!
  2. An Austrian Army Awful A
  3. A reading road rumbles round the shine.
  4. The breeze blew, the foam flew, the furrow free.
  5. Willful waste makes woeful want.
  6. A strong struggle made against storm.



It is use of words that mean the opposite of what you really think especially in order to be funny.


  1. Ali is all Politeness (whereas Ali is Uncivilized).
  2. She speaks of her unlawful sisters as ‘’the jewels of our father.’’
  3. Sajid is all intelligence (whereas he is very dull).



It is language that produces pictures in the minds of people by means of words.

Types of IMAGERY:

  • Huge trees in the thick and dark forest.
  • Woods filled up with snow.
  1. Auditory
  • The rustling of leaves.
  • Harness bells a shake.
  1. Smell
  • Scent of apples.
  • Scent of orange.
  • Scent of lemon.
  • Fragrance of flowers.
  1. Taste
  • Sweet and juicy orange.
  • Sweet and Sutras lemon.
  1. Touch
  • Rugged and rough path.
  • Smooth fur.

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You can download 6 types figures of speech PDF


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