English Idioms For Beautiful Places

Imagine opening a book and stepping into a world filled with the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen. Places so stunning, they take your breath away and make you wish you could stay there forever. But how do we talk about these magical spots?

We use colorful and imaginative phrases, known as idioms, to describe them. Idioms help us paint pictures with words, making others see the beauty we’re talking about, even if they’ve never been there. Let’s discover some of these phrases that help us share the wonders of the most beautiful places on Earth, turning our words into a vivid journey.

What Does Beautiful Places Mean?

Beautiful places are locations that captivate our senses, often leaving us in awe or bringing us peace. They’re spots on Earth that stand out because of their natural beauty, stunning landscapes, or unique charm. These places can be anywhere from a serene beach with crystal-clear water to a vibrant city park in full bloom or a breathtaking mountain vista that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Idioms for Beautiful Places

1. Picture-perfect

Meaning: Idyllic

  • Found a picture-perfect spot here.
  • Their garden is picture-perfect, stunning.
  • Captured a picture-perfect sunset today.

2. Heaven on Earth

Meaning: Paradisiacal

  • This beach is heaven on Earth.
  • They found heaven on Earth here.
  • Feels like heaven on Earth, truly.

3. Breathtaking view

Meaning: Stunning

  • Enjoyed a breathtaking view from above.
  • The mountain offers breathtaking views.
  • Woke up to a breathtaking view.

4. A sight for sore eyes

Meaning: Pleasing

  • That waterfall is a sight for sore eyes.
  • He was a sight for sore eyes.
  • Her garden is a sight for sore eyes.

5. Feast for the eyes

Meaning: Gorgeous

  • The art exhibit was a feast for the eyes.
  • Her new design is a feast for the eyes.
  • The parade was a true feast for the eyes.

6. Easy on the eyes

Meaning: Attractive

  • The landscape here is easy on the eyes.
  • Her painting is really easy on the eyes.
  • That building design is easy on the eyes.

7. Like a painting

Meaning: Picturesque

  • This village looks like a painting.
  • Sunset here is like a painting.
  • Her home is like a painting.

8. Out of a fairy tale

Meaning: Enchanted

  • The castle looks out of a fairy tale.
  • Their wedding was out of a fairy tale.
  • This forest is straight out of a fairy tale.

9. Paradise found

Meaning: Blissful

  • Truly, it’s paradise found here.
  • They called this beach paradise found.
  • Living in what feels like paradise found.

10. In full bloom

Meaning: Flourishing

  • The garden is in full bloom.
  • Trees in full bloom line streets.
  • The park looks amazing in full bloom.

11. Lost paradise

Meaning: Secluded

  • Discovered a lost paradise on vacation.
  • This island is a lost paradise.
  • They enjoyed their time in lost paradise.

12. Nature’s masterpiece

Meaning: Exquisite

  • This canyon is nature’s masterpiece.
  • Witnessed nature’s masterpiece during hikes.
  • The waterfall is truly nature’s masterpiece.

13. Hidden gem

Meaning: Undiscovered

  • This cafe is a hidden gem.
  • Found a hidden gem of a beach.
  • That little town is a hidden gem.

14. Like paradise

Meaning: Heavenly

  • This resort is like paradise.
  • Felt like paradise on that island.
  • Their garden feels like paradise.

15. Garden of Eden

Meaning: Pristine

  • This forest is our Garden of Eden.
  • Found the Garden of Eden here.
  • Their backyard is a Garden of Eden.

16. Off the beaten path

Meaning: Remote

  • Discovered a place off the beaten path.
  • This village is off the beaten path.
  • Enjoying sights off the beaten path.

17. Scenic route

Meaning: Picturesque

  • We took the scenic route home.
  • Prefer the scenic route for views.
  • The scenic route was absolutely breathtaking.

18. Like a postcard

Meaning: Scenic

  • The view was like a postcard.
  • Feels like living in a postcard.
  • Captured a moment like a postcard.

19. Eye candy

Meaning: Delightful

  • The landscape here is pure eye candy.
  • Her garden design is real eye candy.
  • Those mountain views were eye candy.

20. Serene beauty

Meaning: Peaceful

  • Enjoyed the serene beauty of the lake.
  • This place has such serene beauty.
  • Found serene beauty in this park.

21. Oasis of beauty

Meaning: Lush

  • This botanical garden is an oasis of beauty.
  • Found an oasis of beauty in the desert.
  • Their backyard is an oasis of beauty.

22. Unspoiled beauty

Meaning: Pure

  • The island boasted unspoiled beauty.
  • Loved the unspoiled beauty here.
  • We hiked through unspoiled beauty.

23. Natural wonder

Meaning: Marvel

  • The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder.
  • Witnessed a natural wonder today.
  • Visited a natural wonder this summer.

24. Stunning landscape

Meaning: Impressive

  • Captured a stunning landscape at sunset.
  • The stunning landscape captivated everyone.
  • Hiking revealed stunning landscape views.

25. Picture-postcard scenery

Meaning: Quaint

  • Lived amidst picture-postcard scenery.
  • Their town had picture-postcard scenery.
  • Enjoyed the picture-postcard scenery daily.

26. Panoramic views

Meaning: Expansive

  • The tower offered panoramic views.
  • Enjoyed panoramic views during lunch.
  • Hiked for panoramic views of valleys.

27. Majestic scenery

Meaning: Grand

  • The mountains offer majestic scenery.
  • Enjoyed the majestic scenery immensely.
  • The majestic scenery was unforgettable.

28. Idyllic setting

Meaning: Ideal

  • They live in an idyllic setting.
  • Our vacation spot had an idyllic setting.
  • Found an idyllic setting for our picnic.

29. Enchanting vista

Meaning: Magical

  • The enchanting vista stole her breath.
  • Sunrise created an enchanting vista.
  • They admired the enchanting vista together.

30. Lush landscapes

Meaning: Verdant

  • The countryside boasted lush landscapes.
  • Enjoyed walking through lush landscapes.
  • The valley was filled with lush landscapes.

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