List Of Formal And Informal Words

List Of Formal And Informal Words. Formal and informal words are part of daily communication in English language. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to using formal or informal language, knowing when to use each type of word can enhance your communication skills. Formal language is used in professional or academic settings such as business meetings, interviews, presentations, and official letters.

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What is Formal?

The term “formal” can have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. Generally, it refers to something that is done or expressed in a proper, serious, or official manner, often following established rules, procedures, or conventions.

  • In language and communication, formal language is used in situations where a high level of decorum, respect, and professionalism is expected.
  • In fashion, formal attire refers to clothing that is appropriate for formal events, such as black-tie galas, weddings, and other ceremonies. This typically includes suits, tuxedos, evening gowns, and other elegant and sophisticated clothing.
  • In mathematics and logic, formal systems are sets of rules, symbols, and axioms used to represent and manipulate abstract concepts and theories. These systems are often used in computer science, artificial intelligence, and other fields that rely on mathematical modeling and formal logic.
  • Overall, the term “formal” implies a level of seriousness, rigor, and adherence to established standards, rules, or procedures.

10 Formal words with sentence:

  1. Hence: He failed to meet the project deadline, hence he was terminated.
  2. Thus: The experiment showed promising results, thus further testing is necessary.
  3. Nevertheless: The report was critical of the company’s management, nevertheless, they implemented the recommended changes.
  4. Additionally: We have hired a new marketing manager. Additionally, we will be launching a new advertising campaign.
  5. Consequently: The company’s profits have declined, consequently, they have decided to cut costs.
  6. Furthermore: The research has shown a correlation between diet and disease. Furthermore, the study suggests that a balanced diet can reduce the risk of illness.
  7. Nonetheless: The project faced several obstacles, nonetheless, it was completed on time.
  8. In addition: The company offers a competitive salary. In addition, employees receive excellent benefits.
  9. Notwithstanding: Notwithstanding the difficulties, the team was able to achieve their goals.
  10. Ergo: The company’s financial situation has improved, ergo they will be expanding their operations.

What is informal words?

Informal words are words and phrases that are commonly used in casual settings, such as among friends or in everyday conversation. They are typically more relaxed and less formal than the language used in professional or academic settings. Informal words can include contractions (e.g. “gonna” for “going to”), colloquial expressions (e.g. “cool” or “awesome”), and slang terms (e.g. “dude” or “chill”).

  1. Gonna – a contraction of “going to”

Example: i’m gonna meet up with my friends later tonight.

  1. Wanna – a contraction of “want to”

Example: wanna grab some pizza for dinner?

  1. Gotta – a contraction of “got to” or “have got to”

Example: i gotta finish this project by tomorrow.

  1. Dunno – a contraction of “don’t know”

Example: dunno if i’ll be able to make it to the party.

  1. Gonna – yet another example of “going to”

Example: they’re gonna try to sell their old car this weekend.

  1. Wanna – another example of “want to”

Example: i wanna go see that new movie everyone’s talking about.

500 + Formal Informal Words

Formal And Informal Words

Formal And Informal Words In English

Formal And Informal Words List In English

Informal —– Formal


Over At an —–End

Speed Up —– Accelerate

Next/Later —– Subsequently


Marvelous —– Exceptional

Look Into—–Investigate

Big/Large —– Enormous

Over —– At An End

Thanks —–Gratitude


Call On—–Visit

Mend —– Repair

Bring About—–Cause

Need To—–Required

Try Out —– Test

Get Out —– Escape

Catch Up —– Understand

Plus/Also—–Moreover/ Furthermore


Good Looking —– Attractive

Really Big—–Considerable

Talk About —– Discuss/Consider

Seem —– Appear

Iron Out —– Solve/Overcome

Remove —– Eliminate


Give Out —– Distribute

A Lot Of —– Numerous

Make Up —– Invent

Laid Back —– Relaxed

Also In —–Addition


Leave Out —– Omit

End —–Terminate

Funny —– Humorous, Amusing

In The End —– Finally

Enough —– Sufficient



Look Like —– Resemble

Give Up—–Quit

Ask For —– Request

Break Out —– Erupt

Go Away —– Leave/ Depart

To Sum up—–In Conclusion

T.V. —–Television

Give —– Provide

Put Up—–Tolerate

Put Off—–Postpone, Delay

Ease —– Facilitate

Refer To—–Consult


Free —– Liberate

Dirty/ Polluted —– Contaminated


All Right—–Acceptable

Sweat —–Perspiration

Start/ Begin —–Commence

Lively —–Energetic


Say —– Express

Free —– Release

Expect —–Anticipate

Rack Up—–Accumulate

Brave —– Courageous

End —–Terminate/ Finish



Rich —–Wealthy

Make Out —– Discern


Get Away —– Elude

Hit Out At —– Criticize

It’s about—–It Concerns

Old —–Elderly

Maybe —– Perhaps


Look For —– Seek


Look At —– Regard

Round —– Circular

In The Meantime—–In the Interim


Throw Away —– Discard

Choose —– Select

Avoid —– Evade


Hopeless —– Futile

Fall Out —– Quarrel


See —– Observe

Bring In —– Introduce

Go —–Depart

At First —– Initially

Explain —–Disclose

Danger —– Peril

Older —– senior


Think About —– Consider

Show Up—–Arrive

Happy —–Pleased

Give —– Donate

Bad —– Negative

I Think—–In My Opinion

Climb —– Ascend

Hurry —– Haste, Hasten

Look At—–Examine


Boss —– Employer

In Charge Of —– Responsible

Take Out —– Remove

Imagine —– Envisage



Good For —– Beneficial


Shorten —–Decrease

Childish —– Immature

Set Out —–Display

Point Out —–Indicate

Pin Down —– Determine

Asp—–As Soon As Possible

Help —– Aid/ Assist

Here —– Present

Put In—–Insert

Say Sorry—– Apologies


Settle For —– Choose

Wait For —–Await

Clothes —– Garment

Sick —– Ill


Use/Eat —– Consume

Eager —– Avid

Ask —– Enquire


Friendly —–Amiable

Look Up To —– Respect

Fill In—–Substitute, Inform



Talk Into —–Persuade

Ask Out —–Invite

Say No—–Reject

Fight —–Combat

Again & Again —– Repeatedly

Hurt —– Damage, Harm

Go Ahead —– Proceed

Away —–Absent

Need —– Request


Deal —–With Manage

Tired —– Exhausted/ Fatigued

Deal With —– Manage

Pay Back —– Repay

Call Off —–Cancel

Stand For—–Represent

Find Out—–Discover

Pick Up —– Collect


Go Through —– Examine

See —– Perceive

Stubborn —–Obstinate

Link Up —– Connect


Tough —– Difficult

Go Down—–Decrease

Have To—–Must

Settle For —–Choose

Stop —–Cease

Think Of —– Conceive

Get By —– Survive

Drop Out —–Of Withdraw (From)

Break Off —– Suspend/Adjourn

Get —–Obtain

Deal With—–Handle

Cell—–Cell Phone

Better —–Improved

Go On —– Continue

Beat Up —– Assault


Test —–Experiment

Childish —– Infantile

Go Out Of —–Exit


Put/ Set Down —– Deposit


Book —– Reserve

A Bit —– A Little

Go Up —– Increase

Bright/Smart —– Intelligent

Enjoyment —– Gratification

Fork Out   —– Pay (Money)

Ring Up—–Call

Kidding —– Jesting

By —– By Means Of

Get In Touch With—–Contact

Can —– Is Capable Of

Hungry —– Famished


At Once —– Immediately

Blow Up —– Explode

Describe —– Depict

Idea —– Notion

Young —– Youthful



Wood —–Timber

Make Up—–Fabricate

Dad —– Father

Go After —– Pursue


Naked —– Nude

Empty —– Vacant

Set Up —–Establish

Come Up To —– Reach/Attain

Lead To —– Cause

Live —– Reside

Come In —–Enter

Small —– Diminutive

Try —– Endeavour

Go Before —– Precede


Okay, Ok —– Acceptable

Afraid —– Fearful

Get —–Receive

Come After —– Follow

Sight —– Vision

Drop Out Of —– Withdraw (From)

Ask —–Enquire

Throw Out —– Eject


Build —– Construct

Break Down —– Fail/Collapse

Complex —–Convoluted

List Of Formal And Informal Words

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