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Verbs followed by prepositions!  Prepositions are the that indicates a relationships between different words in a sentences.Here we will discuss about verbs followed by prepositions.It is a great lesson for the beginners to learn and speak English about grammar .You can Get PDF below.

What are Prepositions in English?

Prepositions indicate relationships between other words in a sentence. A preposition is an important part of the English language. They act to connect the people, objects, time and locations etc.

What are Verbs in English?

verb expresses action of something. Verbs are the action words in a sentence that describe what the subject is doing. Verbs are words that describe an action or talk about something that happens. Verbs are millions in numbers and are very basic of English grammar.

Here we describes the words verbs followed By preposition

Verb Followed By Prepositions

Prepare for

Discuss with

Care for

Respond to

Invite to

Infer from

Concern with

Ask for

Peer at

Laugh about

Deal with

Count on

Aware of

Point at

Share with

Feel about

Protect from

Common verbs followed by prepositions

common verbs followed by prepositions

List of verbs followed by prepositions PDF

In order to

Apply for

Faith in

Speak to

Impose on

Coincide with

Appeal to

Laugh at

Excuse for

Comment on

Convict of

Hear about

Confuse with

Blind to

Compose of

Joke about

Proud of

Differ with

Recover from

Inferior to

Think about
some verbs followed by prepositions

Confront with

In front of

Lead to

Kind to

Interest in

Ask for

Base on

Hear of

Devote to

Suspect of

Pray for

Happen to

Quarrel with

Agree to

Succeed in

Cruel to

Turn to

Consist of

Hope of

Prevent from

Consent to

Compare to

Start for

Convince of

Complain with

Lead to

Belong to

Arrive at

Common verbs followed by prepositions

Knock at

Act upon

Cope with

Hide from

React to

Glad at

Argue about

Scold for

Blame on

Listen to

Insist on

Afraid of

Wish for

Apologize to

Borrow from

Hint at

Escape from

Long for

Contribute to

Remind of

Tamper with

Sentence to

Acquaint with

Look after

Bilk out of

List of verbs followed by prepositions

Deal in

Call on

Agree to

Live on

Cram with

Get married to

Play on

Need for

Refer to

Adjust to

Forget about

Trust with

Disapprove of

Be on

Born in

Wink at

Deal with

Retire from

Marvel at

Suffer from

Add to

Sick of

Charge with

Search for

Act upon

Fail in

Get tired of

verbs followed by prepositions list

Feel for

Look at

Pray to

Laugh at

Explain to

Vote for

Clutter with

Aim at

Prohibit from

Help with

Made of

Stem from

Graduate from

Concern about

Prevent from

Care about

Run after

Rescue from

Stay with

Elaborate on

Face with

Ask about

Begin with

Adapt to

Pride on

Concentrate on

Comply with

Cure of

Associate with

Conceive of

Glance at

Rob of

Provide with

Spanish verbs followed by prepositions

Talk about

Join in

Accuse of

Free from

Stare at

Blind of

Meet with

Write about

Compare with

Get rid of

In honor of

Work on

Work for

Famous for

Approve of

Think of

Apologize for

Dream of

Die of

Call at

Rely on

Subscribe to

Head for

For the sake of

Wait for

Write to

Quarrel about

Fond of

Apply to

Fit for

Guess at

Know about

In course of

Recover from

Blame for

Hope of

Argue with

Also learn lesson about Verb

Despair of

Protest about

Complain about

Born to

Talk to

Fight with

Object to

Reply to

Look at

Because of

Disagree with

On the point of

Agree with

Agree on

Smile at

Pay for

Honest in

On account of

Interfere with

Lame of

Abstain from

Believe in

Save from

On behalf of

Depend on

Collide with

In spite of

Warn about

Congratulate on

Desire for

Full of

Hope for

Close to

Decide about

Resign from

Pray for

Fire at

Cure of

Cover with

Arrive at

Separate from

Agree with

Confess to

Be about

Listen to

Belong to


english verbs followed by prepositions

See to

Boast about

Save from

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