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Past continuous tense examples & formation. Affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences are explained with their formation and examples. You can Download PDF of this lesson.

Past continuous tense Examples & Formation

In the case of past continuous tense it shows that some action remained continued in the past. (1st form + ing ) the first form of verb is used with the addition of ing. “Was”, “were” are the helping verbs of this tense. Was is used with singulars. “Were” is used with plural. For example we, you, they and other plural nouns.


Subject+ helping verb (was/were) + 1st form of verb + ing+ object

Form of verb

In the tense of past continuous tense present participle ( 1st form + ing) form is used in this tense.

Helping verb

“was” and “were” are helping verbs of this tense

“was” is used with singulars for examples I, he, she, it, are singular noun and “were” is used with plurals for examples we, they, you, are plural noun.

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Affirmative sentences

In case of affirmative sentences of past continuous tense the 1st form of verb is used along with ing, and was, were are used as the helping verbs.


Subject+ helping verb (was/were) + 1st form of verb + ing+ object


  • Baby was running.
  • They were buying a new car.
  • Sun was rising.
  • You were waiting for Raman.
  • Lion was eating meat.
past continuous tense affirmative sentences

Negative sentences

“not” is added between helping verb (was/were) and main verb.


Subject+ helping verb (was/were) + not +1st form of verb + ing+ object.


  • You were not reading book.
  • Saira was not wasting her time.
  • Rashid and Ahmad were not singing a song.
  • It was not raining today.
  • We were not singing a song.
past continuous tense negative sentences

Interrogative sentences

In the formation of the interrogative sentences helping verb is placed before the subject and question mark (?) is added at the end.


Helping verb (was/were) + subject + 1st form of verb + ing + object ?

In this case was and were are helping verb and then subject 1st form of verb + ing and object+?


  • Were we eating meal?
  • Was Hina offering prayer?
  • Were they knocking the table?
  • Was it raining cats and dogs?
  • Was sumaya crying?
  • Was allay singing?
past continuous tense interrogative sentences

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