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Past perfect tense examples, sentences and formation. Positive, negative & interrogative sentences are explained with examples. You can download the pdf of this lesson.

Past Perfect Tense Examples & Formation

Past perfect describes an action that is completed in the past. Third form of verb is used in past perfect tense. “Had” is used as helping verb in either singular or plural nouns or pronouns.


Subject+ helping verb (had) + past participle form of verb+ object

Form of verb

   3rd form (past participle) of verb is used in the tense.

Helping verb

“Had” is the helping verb used in the sentences of this tense.

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Affirmative sentence

In case of affirmative sentence 3rd form of verb is used. Secondly “had” is used as a helping verb with all types of noun or pronouns.


Subject+ helping verb (had) + past participle form of verb+ object


  • She had already done her work.
  • She had taken tea.
  • Nimla had taken bath.
  • He had gone to school.
  • She had gone to the picnic.
  • Farah had gone to the school.
  • We were not singing a song.
  • Salma and Ahmad were not dancing.
  • They had reached there.
  • Boy had stolen my pencil.
past perfect tense affirmative sentences

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Negative sentences

In negative sentences Not is added in between helping verb (had) and main verb.


Subject + helping verb (had) + not + past participle form + object


  • You had not rung the button.
  • Sun had not set.
  • We had not heard the Song.
  • We had not heard her voice in the class room.
  • He had not bought the Novel.
  • Ahmad had not bought new pencil.
  • The gardener had not watered the plants.
  • The shopkeeper had not given watered the men.
  • Moon had not shined today due to the smoke in the sky.
past perfect tense negative sentences

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Interrogative sentences

In the case of interrogative sentences, the helping verb (had) is placed at the start of the sentence. And a question mark is added at the end of the sentence.


Helping verb (had) +subject +past participle form+ object?


  • Had the car gone?
  • Had the child drowned before help?
  • Had we finished our biology homework?
  • Had they cut the plants?
  • Had the farmer ploughed the fields?
  • Had you reached house before the bell rang?
  • Had the students learnt lesson before the teacher came?
past perfect tense interrogative sentences

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