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Past indefinite tense examples, sentences and formation. Affirmative, negative & interrogative sentences are explained with examples & formation. You can Download PDF of this Lesson.

Past Indefinite Tense Examples & Formation

In case of past indefinite tense represents an action appeared in the past or a habit of the past. The second form of verb is used in simple sentences. In interrogative or negative sentences “did” is used as a helping verb. If we use “did” as a helping verb then we will not used second form of verb, Instead we use the first form of verb.


Subject+ 2nd form of verb +object


  • I wrote book on different topics.
  • They played match in the field.
  • She preferred drink to tea.
  • We came for dinner in this market last month.
  • I listened lyrical music last evening.
  • I could not attend the program because of my busy schedule.
  • We enjoy the program thoroughly.

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Affirmative sentences

Form of verb

2nd form of verb is used in the positive /affirmative sentences of this tense.


Subject+ 2nd form of verb +object


  • I wrote a novel.
  • He ate an orange.
  • Suni watched an interesting movie.
  • They played hockey match.
  • He threw a football.
past indefinite tense affirmative sentences
  1. His eyes filled with tears.
  2. She loved her father.
  3. I did my homework.
  4. The sword fell from his hands.
  5. My brother played hockey.
  6. Rani loved her mother.
  7. My sister played football.
  8. They did help the poor.
  9. He did post the letter.
  10. You did admit your mistake.
  11. You did finish your work.
  12. It did snow on mountains.
  13. The words start to appear.
  14. The Grandmother tells us an interesting story.
  15. It rain yesterday.
  16. Our team won the match.
  17. Her eyes filled with water.
  18. She threw a ball.
  19. He ate an apple.
  20. I wrote a letter.

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Negative sentences

While making negative sentences “did” is used as a helping verb and after “did” first form of verb is used. Not is added between helping verb and main verb.


Subject+ did+ not+ 1st form of verb + object


  • I did not drink water.
  • We did not ask question.
  • He did not play football.
  • He did not go to park.
  • They did not accept our invitation.
past indefinite tense negative sentences
  1. His eyes did not fill with tears.
  2. She did not love her father.
  3. I did not my homework.
  4. The sword did not fell from his hands.
  5. My brother do not played hockey.
  6. They did not help the poor.
  7. You did not post the letter.
  8. You did not admit your mistake.
  9. It did not snow on the mountains.
  10. You did not finish your work.
  11. The words did not start to appear.
  12. The grandmother did not tell us an interesting story.
  13. They do not wait for their friends.
  14. It did not rain yesterday.
  15. Our team did not win the match.
  16. I do not write a letter.
  17. He did not eat an apple.
  18. She did not throw a ball.
  19. Her eyes did not fill with water.
  20. You do not walk in the park.

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Interrogative sentences

For interrogative sentences “did” is placed at start of sentences. After subject first form of verb is used and question mark is added at the end.


Did+ subject + 1st form of verb + object?


  • Did they exercise regularly?
  • Did Annu buy a pen?
  • Did sparrow fly in air?
  • Did she tell a lie?
  • Did we help you?
  • We jumped off the 2nd floor.
  • She drank dirty water.
  • I sent them back.
  • Money dropped from my pocket.
  • Boys wept a lot.
  • Amir made a paper boat.
  • It ate all the grass.
past indefinite tense interrogative sentences
  1. Did his eyes filled with tears?
  2. Did she love her father?
  3. Did I my homework?
  4. Did the sword fell from his hands?
  5. Did my brother play hockey?
  6. Did they help the poor?
  7. Did he post the letter?
  8. Did it snow on the mountains?
  9. Did you finish your work?
  10. Did the words start to appear?
  11. Did the grandmother tell us an interesting story?
  12. Did they wait for their friends?
  13. Did it rain yesterday?
  14. Did our team win the match?
  15. Did her eyes fill with water?
  16. Did I write a letter?
  17. Did she throw a ball?
  18. Did he eat an apple?
  19. Do you walk in the park?
  20. Do we go for a picnic?

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