Examples Of Homophones In English, Download PDF

examples of homophones

Examples Of Homophones. Here is a list of Homophones words in English. homo means “same”. Most of the words used in daily routine life are homophones words. There are many words that sound the same but have different meanings. These are known as homophones. Some common examples are “breath” and “broach,” “floor” and “floorboard,” “shoe” … Read more

List Of Country Names In Alphabetical Order In English

list of country names in alphabetical order

Have you ever wondered how many countries there are in the world? And can you name them all? Whether you’re preparing for a pub quiz or simply seeking some mental stimulation, this article has got you covered. We’ve compiled an extensive list of country names in alphabetical order, providing a comprehensive overview of our planet’s … Read more

Learn New English words

Learn new English words 1

Learn New English words Pompous Haughty Zeal Enthusiasm Seize Apprehend Arraign Incriminate Prodigious Colossal Irrepressible Irresistible Baffle Astound faze Intrinsic Fundamental Constantly Always Flimsy Fragile Wore down Dominated Obstruct Impede Able Qualified Aggressive Assertive Credence Trust Barbarous Perplex Abolish Abrogate Irritate Provoke Serious Pensive Amateur Novice Immense Enormous Affability Cordiality Sycophant Flatterer Zeal After Next … Read more

20 New Vocabulary Words With Meanings

20 New vocabulary words with meanings

20 New Vocabulary Words With Meanings Confident Undaunted Intelligent Bright Comical Humorous Authentic Credible Question Inquire Trenchant Assertive Vigilant Cautious Alien Outsider Calculating Canny Paramount Eminent Identical Alike Break Burst Valor Prowess Deter Hinder Mitigate Alleviate Courage Valor Acumen Brilliance Acrimony Harshness Uncouth Clownish Grudge Aversion Catholic Generic Just Honest Exhorted Advised Capture Apprehend Amplify … Read more

4 Types of Conditional Sentences in English

4 Types of Conditional Sentences

In the English language, conditional sentences are like magic keys that unlock different future possibilities based on certain conditions. Think of them as “if-then” statements: if something happens, then something else will follow. These sentences come in four main types, each showing a different way “if” can lead to “then.” Understanding these types can help … Read more

100+ List Of Contractions in English

List Of Contractions

Have you ever wondered why we say can’t instead of cannot, or it’s instead of it is? Contractions, the unsung heroes of language, play a crucial role in making our speech and writing more efficient and natural. From casual conversations to formal documents, contractions add a touch of informality while maintaining clarity and precision. In … Read more

English opposite words a to z PDF

english opposite words a to z pdf

English opposite words a to z PDF! Opposite words are those words which have opposite meaning. Here is 1000+ opposite words are listed . It is used in our daily life conversation for example Big has opposite word Small. Opposite words are the words with different meanings. The opposite is a very useful vocabulary lesson … Read more

Silent letter words a-z PDF in English

Silent letter words a-z PDF in English

Silent letter words a-z PDF! Here is some collection of difficult silent letters which we used in daily conversation . This words are very confused for the English spoken beginners. Due to these silent letter words our pronunciation will be wrong because we don’t know about it. Here is detailed lesson of silent letter words … Read more

Common Collocations in English (Types of Collocations)

1000+ Common collocations in English PDF

In the English language, common collocations are pairs or groups of words that are often used together, creating a natural-sounding expression. These combinations, spanning various parts of speech, are integral to fluent and idiomatic English. They range from verb-noun pairs, like “take a nap,” to adjective-noun combinations, such as “bitter cold.” What Are Collocations? Collocations … Read more

350+ Formal and informal words list in English PDF

350+ Formal and informal words list in English PDF

Formal and informal words list in English PDF! Formal language is like a formal thing, in formal language you have to be careful with words, you have to prefer formal words while showing respect to someone. We can use informal words when the person is our friend, sibling and other family members. On the other … Read more