Collective Nouns For Photographs (With Meaning and Examples)

Photography is a captivating art form that allows us to capture and preserve moments in time. Whether it’s a stunning landscape, a group of friends laughing together, or a majestic wildlife scene, photographs have the power to evoke emotions and tell stories. But have you ever wondered what the collective noun for a group of photographs is? Just like we refer to a flock of birds or a herd of cattle, there are also unique terms that define collections of these visual treasures.

What is the Collective Noun For Photographs?

The collective noun for photographs is typically “a gallery of photographs.” This term is often used to describe a collection or group of photographs exhibited or displayed together. However, it’s worth noting that collective nouns can sometimes vary depending on regional or contextual usage. So, you may also encounter other terms like “a collection of photographs” or “an album of photographs” being used in different contexts.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Photographs:

  1. A gallery of photographs
  2. An album of snapshots
  3. A montage of pictures
  4. A collection of images
  5. A portfolio of photos
  6. A collage of prints
  7. A series of snapshots
  8. A compilation of pictures
  9. A set of photographs
  10. An assortment of shots

Collective Nouns For Photographs

  1. A constellation of shots
  2. A portfolio of photos
  3. A selection of frames
  4. A cluster of pics
  5. A selection of snapshots
  6. A bank of shots
  7. A collage of photographs
  8. A collection of captures
  9. A pool of photos
  10. A swarm of frames
  11. A company of photographs
  12. A constellation of photographs
  13. A troupe of pictures
  14. A display of prints
  15. A package of shots
  16. A gallery of prints
  17. A collection of stills
  18. A portfolio of pictures
  19. A set of still shots
  20. A herd of frames
  21. A compilation of visuals
  22. A mound of prints
  23. A stack of photographs
  24. An archive of shots
  25. A stockpile of prints
  26. A medley of snaps
  27. A lineup of photographs
  28. A variety of pics
  29. A mix of photos
  30. A bundle of pictures
  31. A compendium of pictures
  32. A gathering of visuals
  33. An exhibit of frames
  34. A curation of images
  35. A congregation of images
  36. A bundle of prints
  37. A compilation of pictures
  38. A collage of prints
  39. An aggregation of shots
  40. A heap of snapshots
  41. A compilation of shots
  42. An agglomeration of photos
  43. A display of shots
  44. An assortment of pictures
  45. A jumble of snapshots
  46. A range of visuals
  47. A variety of snaps
  48. A mosaic of pictures
  49. A set of snaps
  50. A spectrum of pictures
  51. A pack of shots
  52. A lineup of shots
  53. A clutter of images
  54. A gathering of images
  55. A herd of pictures
  56. A group of pictures
  57. A montage of photographs
  58. A cluster of images
  59. A multitude of frames
  60. A library of photographs
  61. A pool of photographs
  62. A cavalcade of pictures
  63. A herd of prints
  64. A gathering of shots
  65. A palette of images
  66. A compilation of portraits
  67. An assortment of shots
  68. A repertoire of photographs
  69. A group of frames
  70. A gallery of photographs
  71. A series of stills
  72. A bevy of photographs
  73. A group of captures
  74. A mixture of pictures
  75. A bouquet of prints
  76. An album of snapshots
  77. A selection of shots
  78. A congregation of photos
  79. A set of pictures
  80. A congregation of snaps
  81. A suite of visuals
  82. A combination of portraits
  83. A range of images
  84. A sequence of snapshots
  85. A treasure trove of images
  86. A stack of photos
  87. A collection of images
  88. A bank of images
  89. A procession of snapshots
  90. A set of photographs
  91. A sequence of images
  92. A bundle of images
  93. A multitude of prints
  94. An array of shots
  95. An anthology of photographs
  96. A series of snapshots
  97. A batch of prints
  98. A bunch of images
  99. A montage of pictures
  100. A heap of shots

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What is the Collective Noun For Photographs

Collective Nouns For Photographs With Meaning and Examples

  1. A gallery of photographs

Meaning: A place where photographs are exhibited.


  • The art museum had a stunning gallery of photographs from renowned photographers.
  • The online gallery displayed a diverse collection of photographs from different genres.
  • The local cafĂ© hosted a photography exhibition, showcasing a vibrant gallery of photographs.
  1. An album of snapshots

Meaning: A book or collection of photographs.


  • She flipped through the family album, reminiscing about old snapshots of memorable events.
  • The photographer gifted his clients a personalized album filled with beautiful snapshots of their wedding.
  • The travel album documented their adventures, featuring stunning snapshots of picturesque locations.
  1. A montage of pictures

Meaning: A composition created by combining multiple photographs.


  • The artist presented a captivating montage of pictures, expressing a powerful narrative.
  • The magazine cover featured a vibrant montage of pictures capturing the essence of city life.
  • The documentary used a moving montage of historical photographs to illustrate the events of the past.
  1. A collection of images

Meaning: A group of various photographs gathered together.


  • The photography club had an impressive collection of images, showcasing diverse styles and subjects.
  • The online platform offered a vast collection of high-quality images for commercial use.
  • The artist’s portfolio consisted of a stunning collection of images, capturing nature’s beauty.
  1. A portfolio of photos

Meaning: A curated collection of a photographer‘s best work.


  • The aspiring photographer presented a portfolio of photos to secure a spot in the art school.
  • The professional photographer’s portfolio featured an impressive range of portrait and landscape photos.
  • The agency requested a digital portfolio of photos to review before hiring the photographer.
  1. A collage of prints

Meaning: A composition created by combining photographs or parts of photographs.


  • The art exhibition displayed a colorful collage of prints, celebrating various art styles.
  • The birthday gift featured a heartfelt collage of prints capturing cherished memories.
  • The artist used a unique collage of prints to convey a sense of nostalgia and modernity.
  1. A series of snapshots

Meaning: A group of related photographs, usually taken in sequence.


  • The photojournalist captured a compelling series of snapshots during the protest.
  • The wildlife photographer’s series of snapshots showcased the intimate lives of animals in the wild.
  • The family photographer documented the entire wedding day with a beautiful series of snapshots.
  1. A compilation of pictures

Meaning: A collection of photographs assembled for a specific purpose.


  • The yearbook included a compilation of pictures highlighting the school’s events and achievements.
  • The travel agency’s brochure featured a compilation of pictures showcasing breathtaking destinations.
  • The online article presented a compilation of historical pictures, narrating the story of a bygone era.
  1. An assortment of shots

Meaning: A diverse collection of photographs.


  • The photography contest received an impressive assortment of shots from talented amateurs.
  • The art gallery displayed an eclectic assortment of shots, ranging from abstract to traditional.
  • The photography workshop offered an opportunity to capture an assortment of shots in different lighting conditions.
  1. A range of visuals

Meaning: A variety of visual representations, including photographs.


  • The presentation utilized a range of visuals, including photographs, graphs, and videos.
  • The advertisement campaign employed a dynamic range of visuals to capture the audience’s attention.
  • The science book featured a comprehensive range of visuals, including detailed photographs and diagrams.
  1. A selection of frames

Meaning: A chosen group of photographs or picture frames.


  • The photographer’s studio displayed a fine selection of frames, ready for purchase.
  • The art curator curated a beautiful selection of frames to complement the photographs on display.
  • The photography competition showcased a diverse selection of frames, each telling a unique story.
  1. A variety of pics

Meaning: A diverse assortment of photographs.


  • The travel blog featured a variety of pics, capturing the beauty of different countries.
  • The photography workshop participants explored a variety of pics, experimenting with different techniques.
  • The online gallery boasted a wide variety of pics, appealing to different tastes and interests.
  1. A batch of prints

Meaning: A group of photographs printed together.


  • The photography lab processed a batch of prints for the photography class students.
  • The photographer delivered a fresh batch of prints to the newlywed couple to cherish forever.
  • The artist prepared a limited-edition batch of prints to sell at the art fair.
  1. A gathering of images

Meaning: A collection of photographs brought together.


  • The art exhibit was a fascinating gathering of images by emerging artists.
  • The photography club organized a gathering of images to celebrate World Photography Day.
  • The coffee table book was a stunning gathering of images capturing the beauty of the countryside.
  1. A pool of photographs

Meaning: A collective resource or collection of photographs.


  • The agency had a vast pool of photographs available for licensing and commercial use.
  • The documentary filmmaker drew from a diverse pool of photographs to illustrate historical events.
  • The photography competition received a large pool of photographs from participants worldwide.
  1. A sequence of snapshots

Meaning: A series of photographs capturing a chronological order of events. Example:

  • The detective examined the sequence of snapshots to unravel the mystery.
    • The artist used a sequence of snapshots to create a dynamic visual narrative.
    • The wedding album presented a beautiful sequence of snapshots, capturing the couple’s special day.
  1. A troupe of pictures

Meaning: A group of pictures, often used in a playful or whimsical context.


  • The children’s book featured a lively troupe of pictures, bringing the story to life.
  • The art installation showcased a troupe of pictures suspended from the ceiling.
  • The photographer’s exhibition was a creative troupe of pictures, blending photography with other art forms.
  1. An array of shots

Meaning: A diverse selection or arrangement of photographs.


  • The photography workshop provided an array of shots, covering different genres and styles.
  • The website displayed an impressive array of shots, capturing the essence of various cultures.
  • The photographer’s portfolio showcased an array of shots, demonstrating versatility and skill.
  1. A congregation of photos

Meaning: A gathering or assembly of photographs.


  • The photography exhibition attracted a large congregation of photos enthusiasts.
  • The yearbook committee organized a congregation of photos from various school events.
  • The website featured a congregation of photos submitted by users, showcasing different perspectives.
  1. An assortment of pictures

Meaning: A varied collection of photographs.


  • The photo contest received an exciting assortment of pictures, each telling a unique story.
  • The art gallery displayed an exquisite assortment of pictures, spanning different art movements.
  • The photographer’s portfolio featured an impressive assortment of pictures from around the world.

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