A list of verb words in English | Download PDF

A list of verb words

List of verb  words in English! A word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence.Verbs are words that show action (run), state of being (exist), or occurrence (develop).Here is a list of verb words that are used in daily conversation. it is very important for speaking English. The verb is the name of an … Read more

100+ All List of Pronoun Words | Examples of Pronouns

all pronoun words list

All Pronoun Words List serves as an essential tool for understanding and mastering various aspects of English grammar. This comprehensive compilation includes various types of pronouns, each playing a unique role in sentence construction and effective communication. Here are Top 10 List of Pronouns: I You He She It We They Him Her Them Pronoun … Read more

List of Collective Nouns in English Grammar | Download PDF

the list of collective nouns

The list of collective nouns: Here is a list of collective Noun that used in daily routine. Basically collective noun is a group of words for example team ( hockey team , cricket team , and family is also a collective noun because family have group of a members. What is a Collective Noun? A … Read more

English opposite words a to z PDF

english opposite words a to z pdf

English opposite words a to z PDF! Opposite words are those words which have opposite meaning. Here is 1000+ opposite words are listed . It is used in our daily life conversation for example Big has opposite word Small. Opposite words are the words with different meanings. The opposite is a very useful vocabulary lesson … Read more

50 English Sentences Used In Daily Life

English sentences used in daily life

Have you ever wondered what are the most common English sentences used in daily life? Whether you’re a native English speaker or learning the language as a second language, mastering these essential phrases can greatly enhance your ability to communicate effectively. From simple greetings to expressing emotions and making requests, these 50 English sentences have … Read more

List of prepositional phrases examples | Download PDF

list of prepositional phrases examples

List of prepositional phrases examples! Here is a List of prepositional phrases with examples. which are used in daily conversation.A prepositional phrase is a list of words with a preposition. A prepositional phrase mostly modifies a verb or a noun How Do You Identify A Prepositional Phrase? A prepositional phrase can be easily determined as … Read more

Silent letter words a-z PDF in English

Silent letter words a-z PDF in English

Silent letter words a-z PDF! Here is some collection of difficult silent letters which we used in daily conversation . This words are very confused for the English spoken beginners. Due to these silent letter words our pronunciation will be wrong because we don’t know about it. Here is detailed lesson of silent letter words … Read more

All dry fruits name with picture | Download PDF

All dry fruits name with picture

All dry fruits name with picture! Here is huge collection of dry fruits which are more used in winter season. It is very useful for good health. Some of the dry fruits increase our intelligence .Dry fruits are simply fruits that usually grow up in hilly areas. Dry fruits are very famous these days. We … Read more

Kitchen vocabulary with pictures | Download PDF

Kitchen vocabulary with pictures in English | Download PDF

Kitchen vocabulary with pictures. Here is a collection of kitchen vocabulary with pictures and also get PDF. It is very important vocabulary for the women to work at home Kitchen. It is Because after learn this vocabulary we should know about all terms used in kitchen. It’s very interesting and helpful for housewives, especially for … Read more

Common Collocations in English (Types of Collocations)

1000+ Common collocations in English PDF

In the English language, common collocations are pairs or groups of words that are often used together, creating a natural-sounding expression. These combinations, spanning various parts of speech, are integral to fluent and idiomatic English. They range from verb-noun pairs, like “take a nap,” to adjective-noun combinations, such as “bitter cold.” What Are Collocations? Collocations … Read more