Past Simple Irregular Verbs

In the English language, verb tenses play a crucial role in expressing actions or states of being that occurred in the past. One essential tense for discussing past events is the past simple, also known as the simple past. While regular verbs follow a consistent pattern when conjugated in this tense by adding -ed at the end, irregular verbs present a unique challenge. In this article, we will delve into the realm of irregular verbs and explore their forms and usage in the past simple tense. Understanding these irregularities will not only enhance your overall grammar skills but also equip you with the necessary tools to communicate effectively and accurately describe events from the past. So let’s embark on this journey to unravel the intricacies of irregular verbs in the past simple tense!

Past Simple Irregular Verbs

Simple Past  Sentence
Eat  ate  She ate delicious pasta.
Run  ran  They ran a marathon.
See  saw  I saw a shooting star.
Do  did  He did his best.
Have  had  We had a party.
Write  wrote  She wrote a letter.
Break  broke  They broke the vase.
Take  took  He took a photo.
Give  gave  She gave a gift.
Come  came  They came late.
Become  became  He became a doctor.
Make  made  She made a cake.
Find  found  They found the treasure.
Say  said  He said hello.
Get  got  We got tickets.
Know  knew  She knew the answer.
Think  thought  He thought deeply.
See  saw  We saw a rainbow.
Tell  told  She told a story.
Leave  left  They left early.
Swim  swam  They swam competitively.
Sing  sang  She sang beautifully onstage.
Win  won  They won the championship.
Choose  chose  He chose the blue shirt.
Wear  wore  She wore a stunning dress.
Drive  drove  He drove carefully home.
Ride  rode  They rode bicycles together.
Ring  rang  The bell rang loudly.
Fall  fell  He fell off the ladder.
Break  broke  She broke the window.
Speak  spoke  He spoke eloquently.
Fly  flew  The birds flew gracefully.
Know  knew  They knew the truth.
Throw  threw  He threw the ball.
Feed  fed  She fed the hungry.
Hold  held  He held her hand.
Forget  forgot  They forgot their keys.
Bite  bit  The dog bit him.
Think  thought  She thought deeply.
Shake  shook  They shook hands.
Meet  met  They met for coffee.
Sleep  slept  He slept peacefully.
Teach  taught  He taught math.
Sell  sold  She sold her car.
Buy  bought  They bought groceries.
Sit  sat  He sat on the bench.
Stand  stood  She stood tall.
Hear  heard  They heard music playing.
Lose  lost  He lost the game.
Send  sent  She sent an email.
Spend  spent  They spent the weekend.
Sweep  swept  He swept the floor.
Build  built  They built a house.
Eat  ate  They ate dinner.
Find  found  She found the keys.
Sing  sang  They sang together.
Blow  blew  The wind blew strongly.
Draw  drew  He drew a picture.
Fight  fought  They fought bravely.
Ride  rode  He rode a bicycle.
Cling  clung  He clung to the edge.
Dig  dug  They dug a hole.
Freeze  froze  The lake froze over.
Give  gave  She gave a gift.
Hide  hid  He hid behind the tree.
Keep  kept  They kept the secret.
Lead  led  She led the way.
Make  made  He made a cake.
Pay  paid  They paid the bill.
Quit  quit  She quit her job.
Rise  rose  The sun rose.
Set  set  He set the table.
Sell  sold  They sold their house.
Tell  told  She told a story.
Find  found  He found his keys.
Bind  bound  They bound the books.
Stand  stood  He stood still.
Choose  chose  She chose her path.
Shine  shone  The stars shone brightly.
Wind  wound  He wound the clock.
Shake  shook  They shook hands.
Sit  sat  She sat on the chair.
Swim  swam  He swam in the pool.
Strike  struck  They struck a deal.
Tear  tore  She tore the paper.
Fly  flew  The bird flew away.
Bite  bit  He bit into the apple.
Ring  rang  The phone rang loudly.
Shoot  shot  He shot the target.
Write  wrote  She wrote a letter.

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Past Simple Irregular Verbs With Sentence

Past Simple Irregular Verbs with Sentences

  • Arose – The Sun Arose
  • Began – Adventure Began With Excitement.
  • Blew – Wind Blew Fiercely Outside.
  • Broke – He Broke His Leg.
  • Chose – She Chose The Red Dress.
  • Came – Friends Came For Dinner.
  • Did – They Did Their Best.
  • Drew – She Drew A Beautiful Picture.
  • Drank – They Drank Hot Chocolate.
  • Drove – He Drove To Work.
  • Ate – She Ate Delicious Pasta.
  • Fell – Leaves Fell Gracefully Down.
  • Found – He Found The Solution.
  • Flew – Birds Flew Across Skies.
  • Forgot – I Forgot My Keys.
  • Got – They Got A Promotion.
  • Gave – She Gave Him Flowers.
  • Went – They Went On Vacation.
  • Grew – The Plant Grew
  • Held – He Held Her Hand.
  • Kept – They Kept Their Promise.
  • Knew – She Knew The Answer.
  • Left – They Left The Party.
  • Lent – She Lent Him Money.
  • Lost – He Lost His Wallet.
  • Met – They Met At Noon.
  • Paid – She Paid The Bill.
  • Put – He Put The Book On The Shelf.
  • Read – She Read A Novel.
  • Rode – They Rode Bicycles Together.
  • Rang – The Bell Rang
  • Ran – He Ran A Marathon.
  • Said – She Said Goodbye Sadly.
  • Saw – They Saw A Shooting Star.
  • Sold – He Sold His Car.
  • Sang – They Sang In Harmony.
  • Sat – She Sat On The Bench.
  • Slept – They Slept
  • Swam – He Swam Across The Lake.
  • Wrote – She Wrote A Poem

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Past Simple Regular Verbs

  • Accepted
  • Acted
  • Added
  • Admired
  • Advised
  • Agreed
  • Allowed
  • Answered
  • Appeared
  • Arrived
  • Asked
  • Attacked
  • Baked
  • Banned
  • Believed
  • Borrowed
  • Brushed
  • Called
  • Carried
  • Changed
  • Cleaned
  • Climbed
  • Closed
  • Collected
  • Cooked
  • Counted
  • Created
  • Crossed
  • Danced
  • Decided
  • Described
  • Dressed
  • Earned
  • Enjoyed
  • Entered
  • Escaped
  • Excused
  • Explained
  • Faced
  • Failed
  • Fixed
  • Followed
  • Gathered
  • Greeted
  • Guessed
  • Helped
  • Hugged
  • Hurried
  • Imagined
  • Improved
  • Invented
  • Invited
  • Jumped
  • Kicked
  • Kissed
  • Knocked
  • Laughed
  • Learned
  • Liked
  • Listened
  • Lived
  • Looked
  • Loved
  • Mailed
  • Managed
  • Marked
  • Married
  • Measured
  • Missed
  • Moved
  • Needed
  • Noticed
  • Opened
  • Painted
  • Passed
  • Picked
  • Played
  • Pleased
  • Pointed
  • Posted
  • Praised
  • Prepared
  • Printed
  • Pulled
  • Pushed
  • Reached
  • Realized
  • Received
  • Recognized
  • Rented
  • Repaired
  • Replied
  • Reported
  • Rested
  • Returned
  • Rolled
  • Saved
  • Searched
  • Served
  • Showed

Verbs In Simple Past

  • Accepted
  • Achieved
  • Acted
  • Addressed
  • Advanced
  • Advised
  • Altered
  • Analyzed
  • Appeared
  • Applauded
  • Approached
  • Approved
  • Argued
  • Arranged
  • Assessed
  • Attacked
  • Attended
  • Avoided
  • Baked
  • Balanced
  • Banned
  • Bargained
  • Bathed
  • Beat
  • Beamed
  • Believed
  • Blended
  • Boarded
  • Bragged
  • Breathed
  • Calculated
  • Called
  • Camped
  • Captured
  • Cared
  • Carried
  • Celebrated
  • Challenged
  • Charged
  • Checked
  • Cheered
  • Clarified
  • Climbed
  • Closed
  • Collected
  • Combined
  • Compared
  • Completed
  • Composed
  • Conceded

Simple Past Tense Irregular Verbs

  • Arose
  • Began
  • Blew
  • Broke
  • Brought
  • Built
  • Chose
  • Came
  • Did
  • Drew
  • Drank
  • Drove
  • Ate
  • Fell
  • Felt
  • Found
  • Flew
  • Forgot
  • Got
  • Gave
  • Went
  • Grew
  • Had
  • Heard
  • Hid
  • Hit
  • Held
  • Kept
  • Knew
  • Left
  • Lent
  • Lost
  • Made
  • Met
  • Paid
  • Put
  • Read
  • Rode
  • Rang
  • Ran
  • Said
  • Saw
  • Sold
  • Sang
  • Sat
  • Slept
  • Spoke
  • Swam
  • Took
  • Wrote

Verbs Past Simple And Participle

simple  Past Participle
eat  ate  eaten
run  ran  run
see  saw  seen
do  did  done
have  had  had
write  wrote  written
break  broke  broken
take  took  taken
give  gave  given
come  came  come
bring  brought  brought
speak  spoke  spoken
swim  swam  swum
think  thought  thought
sleep  slept  slept
meet  met  met
drive  drove  driven
read  read  read
drink  drank  drunk
begin  began  begun
blow  blew  blown
choose  chose  chosen
draw  drew  drawn
fall  fell  fallen
forget  forgot  forgotten
freeze  froze  frozen
get  got  gotten
hide  hid  hidden
know  knew  known
leave  left  left
make  made  made
pay  paid  paid
put  put  put
ring  rang  rung
rise  rose  risen
say  said  said
sing  sang  sung
sit  sat  sat
stand  stood  stood
swear  swore  sworn
tear  tore  torn
throw  threw  thrown
understand  understood  understood
wear  wore  worn
win  won  won
write  wrote  written
beat  beat  beaten
build  built  built
catch  caught  caught
choose  chose  chosen
deal  dealt  dealt
dream  dreamt  dreamt
feed  fed  fed
fight  fought  fought
forget  forgot  forgotten
forgive  forgave  forgiven
freeze  froze  frozen
hang  hung  hung
hear  heard  heard
hold  held  held
lead  led  led
lose  lost  lost
mean  meant  meant
read  read  read
ride  rode  ridden
say  said  said
seek  sought  sought
sell  sold  sold
shoot  shot  shot
sit  sat  sat
sleep  slept  slept
speak  spoke  spoken
spend  spent  spent
stand  stood  stood
steal  stole  stolen
sweep  swept  swept
teach  taught  taught
tell  told  told
think  thought  thought
understand  understood  understood
wake  woke  woken
wear  wore  worn
win  won  won
write  wrote  written
begin  began  begun
blow  blew  blown
choose  chose  chosen
draw  drew  drawn
fall  fell  fallen
forget  forgot  forgotten
freeze  froze  frozen
get  got  gotten
hide  hid  hidden
know  knew  known
leave  left  left
make  made  made
pay  paid  paid
put  put  put

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