Collective Nouns For Class 3 (With Meaning and Examples)

Collective nouns are an intriguing aspect of the English language that often spark curiosity and interest among learners, especially young ones. In Class 3, children are introduced to a plethora of collective nouns that describe groups of people, animals, objects, or things. Understanding and using these collective nouns not only enhances their vocabulary skills but also helps them communicate more effectively.

What is the Collective Noun For Class 3?

The collective noun for Class 3 is usually not related to a specific group of students in a classroom setting. Collective nouns are typically used to refer to groups of animals, people, or objects. In the context of a classroom, the term “Class” itself is often used to refer to the entire group of students collectively.

For example, you could say:

  • “Class 3 went on a field trip.”
  • “The teacher addressed Class 3 about the upcoming project.”
  • “Class 3 enjoyed a fun game during recess.”

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Class 3:

  1. Flock of birds
  2. Herd of elephants
  3. Swarm of bees
  4. Pack of wolves
  5. School of fish
  6. Colony of ants
  7. Team of players
  8. Group of friends
  9. Pride of lions
  10. Fleet of ships

Collective Nouns For Class 3

  1. Squad of superheroes
  2. Cloud of butterflies
  3. Team of engineers
  4. Pack of camels
  5. Herd of elephants
  6. Set of tools
  7. Flight of stairs
  8. Pile of books
  9. Chain of mountains
  10. Colony of penguins
  11. Clowder of cats
  12. Forest of ferns
  13. Pack of coyotes
  14. Herd of cattle
  15. School of fish
  16. Mob of meerkats
  17. Parade of soldiers
  18. Congress of baboons
  19. Swarm of locusts
  20. Family of foxes
  21. Assembly of politicians
  22. Herd of horses
  23. Gaggle of geese
  24. Class of teachers
  25. Pack of wolves
  26. Choir of singers
  27. Chain of islands
  28. Choir of angels
  29. Parade of elephants
  30. Flock of sheep
  31. Forest of trees
  32. Huddle of penguins
  33. Bunch of grapes
  34. Gang of thieves
  35. Galaxy of stars
  36. Army of soldiers
  37. Gaggle of children
  38. Fleet of ships
  39. Chain of events
  40. Team of oxen
  41. Mob of kangaroos
  42. Colony of termites
  43. Team of athletes
  44. Herd of giraffes
  45. Clowder of kittens
  46. Pack of cards
  47. Troop of scouts
  48. Array of colors
  49. Bunch of balloons
  50. Group of chefs
  51. Class of students
  52. Crash of crocodiles
  53. Pack of hounds
  54. Mob of emus
  55. Troop of insects
  56. Tribe of natives
  57. Pack of ants
  58. Crash of rhinos
  59. Band of musicians
  60. School of dolphins
  61. Family of ducks
  62. Pride of lions
  63. Bunch of bananas
  64. Tribe of warriors
  65. Puddle of ducks
  66. Grove of trees
  67. School of turtles
  68. Swarm of mosquitoes
  69. Parade of ants
  70. Group of tourists
  71. Band of pirates
  72. Troop of kangaroos
  73. Flock of birds
  74. Colony of ants
  75. Swarm of bees
  76. Circle of friends
  77. Crash of cymbals
  78. Pod of whales
  79. Flock of seagulls
  80. Bundle of sticks
  81. Archipelago of islands
  82. Class of fish
  83. Team of players
  84. Nest of birds
  85. Troop of monkeys
  86. Nest of ants
  87. Orchestra of birds
  88. Family of otters
  89. Cloud of bats
  90. Archipelago of volcanoes
  91. Pod of dolphins
  92. Group of friends
  93. Cluster of stars
  94. Bunch of flowers
  95. Colony of rabbits
  96. Coven of witches
  97. Bouquet of flowers
  98. Constellation of stars
  99. Troop of snails
  100. Squad of police

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What is the Collective Noun For Class 3

Collective Nouns For Class 3 With Meaning and Examples

  1. Flock

Meaning: A group of birds or sheep.


  • A flock of birds flew south for the winter.
  • The shepherd led the flock of sheep to the pasture.
  • We saw a flock of seagulls at the beach.
  1. Herd

Meaning: A group of cattle or elephants.


  • The farmer grazed his herd of cows in the meadow.
  • We watched a herd of elephants bathing in the river.
  • The ranger guided us to a wild herd of buffalo.
  1. Pack

Meaning: A group of wolves or cards.


  • The alpha wolf led the pack on a hunt.
  • We played a game of poker with a pack of cards.
  • A pack of wolves howled at the full moon.
  1. Swarm

Meaning: A large group of bees or insects.


  • The beekeeper carefully handled the swarm of bees.
  • We saw a swarm of locusts devouring the crops.
  • The garden was buzzing with a swarm of butterflies.
  1. School

Meaning: A group of fish or students.


  • A school of colorful fish swam near the coral reef.
  • The teacher gathered the school for the morning assembly.
  • We observed a school of dolphins playing in the sea.
  1. Pride

Meaning: A group of lions.


  • The pride of lions roamed the savanna searching for prey.
  • We saw a pride of lions resting under a tree.
  • The male lion led his pride with authority.
  1. Colony

Meaning: A group of ants or penguins.


  • The ant colony worked together to build their nest.
  • We visited a colony of penguins on a remote island.
  • The scientists studied the behavior of the colony of ants.
  1. Team

Meaning:  A group of players or workers.


  • Our soccer team won the championship.
  • The construction team completed the building ahead of schedule.
  • A team of doctors performed the surgery.
  1. Bunch

Meaning: A group of grapes or flowers.


  • She picked a bunch of roses from the garden.
  • We enjoyed a delicious bunch of grapes during lunch.
  • The florist arranged a beautiful bunch of lilies.
  1. Gaggle

Meaning: A group of geese.


  • A gaggle of geese flew across the sky in a V-formation.
  • The park was filled with a gaggle of geese swimming in the pond.
  • We saw a gaggle of geese feeding on the grass.
  1. Cluster

Meaning: A small group or collection.


  • There was a cluster of stars in the night sky.
  • The children formed a cluster around the storyteller.
  • The bees gathered in a cluster on the flower.
  1. Pack

Meaning: A group of dogs.


  • The pack of dogs ran and played in the park.
  • Our neighbor has a pack of adorable puppies.
  • We saw a pack of hounds participating in a dog show.
  1. Orchestra

Meaning:  A group of musicians.


  • The orchestra played beautiful music at the concert.
  • My friend is a violinist in the school orchestra.
  • We enjoyed listening to the orchestra performing classical pieces.
  1. Tribe

Meaning: A group of natives or people with shared interests.


  • The indigenous tribe showcased their traditional dance.
  • Our camping group formed a close-knit tribe during the trip.
  • A tribe of photographers gathered to capture the sunset.
  1. Family

Meaning: A group of related individuals.


  • We had a picnic with our extended family in the park.
  • The lioness protected her family of cubs in the den.
  • My family celebrated a special occasion together.
  1. Class

A group of students in a school.


  • The teacher taught the class about history.
  • We have a quiz in math class
  • Our class had a field trip to the zoo.
  1. Mob

Meaning:  A disorderly or unruly group.


  • The police dispersed the mob of protestors.
  • We encountered a mob of rowdy teenagers at the mall.
  • The market was filled with a mob of people during the festival.
  1. Parade

Meaning: A procession or march.


  • The marching band performed in the city parade.
  • We watched the parade of floats during the carnival.
  • The soldiers participated in the military parade.
  1. Forest

Meaning: A large area of trees and vegetation.


  • We went on a hike through the dense forest.
  • The forest is home to a variety of wildlife.
  • The ranger guided us on a tour of the forest.
  1. Assembly

Meaning: A gathering or meeting of people.


  • The school assembly began with the national anthem.
  • We had a special assembly to celebrate a student’s achievement.
  • The conference assembly had speakers from different countries.

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